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How To Clean A Washing Machine? - Easy To Follow Guide

Cleaning a washing machine is something that never crosses your mind. People usually think: how can a cleaning machine get dirty? You never realize the soap scum, bacteria, mildew, and other nasty things keep accumulating over the time. For example Munich is know for having a problem with hard water which also can be a factor of washing machine getting broken or stinky. It must be cleaned at a regular interval in order to keep your clothes safe and increase the longevity of your machine. Do you know how to clean a washing machine? The washing machines are usually of two types – Front Load Washing Machine and the Top Load Washing Machine. The cleaning techniques of the washing machines differ from models and mostly the types. Let’s learn some of the ways to clean the washing machine.

Ingredients that Works Best for Cleaning Washing Machine

When you think of how to clean a washing machine, these four ingredients are considered as the best natural cleaners:

Vinegar – It does not only work as fabric softener during rising, but also an effective cleaner for cleaning the outer parts of the machine. It has acidic content that helps in taming the mildew, mold, grease, and mineral deposit. You may also check the uses of vinegar in our earlier article on the website.

Washing Soda – Whether used as laundry detergent or for cleaning washing machine, washing soda helps in deodorizing the machine and dissolving the grease, and breaking down the hard water.

Essential Oils – The essential oils like tea tree, melaleuca, thieves have anti-microbial properties and helps in fighting the growth of molds, viruses, and bacteria.

Borax – Borax helps in killing molds and softening water.

How to Clean a Washing Machine – Front Load

washing machine cleaning
Cleaning clothes are important but cleaning washing machine is equally important.
  • Take 2 tablespoon washing soda and borax or any other natural oxygen bleach each, 2 cups of white vinegar, and 20 drops of germ-fighting essential oil.
  • Make hot soapy water and remove the dispenser tray to completely immerse it in the liquid and let it soak.
  • Take a toothbrush to scrub off the softened remaining scums, clean it with clean water, wipe it with a soft cloth, and put it back in the machine.
  • Does your washing machine contain a release button? If it doesn’t have one, pour some vinegar and use the toothbrush to scrub it.
  • Next, for cleaning the drum, use borax and washing soda by putting some into the drum. Then, check the washing cycle program for the hottest setting and drum filled water.
  • Once the washing cycle is over, pour in some essential oils and vinegar on the tray’s liquid dispenser.
  • Again run the cleaning cycle or hot cycle program and once over, take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe dry the drum completely.
  • Now, use the same microfiber cloth with some vinegar solution to clean the outer area of the washing machine and the door seals.
  • If the machine has a filter at the bottom, remove and clean it with vinegar or hot soapy water.

How to Clean a Washing Machine – Top Load

washing machine
Program cycle and temperature adjustment board of washing machine.
  • Take ½ cup borax and washing soda in equal quantities, 1 quarter white vinegar, and 30 drops of essential oils like tea tree or thieves.
  • Fill the drum with hot water and add washing soda and borax to the drum filled water on cleaning cycle.
  • Once the cleaning cycle is over, add essential oils and vinegar to the drum and put it on another cleaning cycle. After agitating it for some time, leave it standing for around half to one hour before completing the cleaning cycle.
  • While you leave the vinegar to sit in the drum, wet a microfiber cloth with water and clean the outer area of the washing machine. Don’t forget to clean the area where the drum is that is under the lip.
  • Next, clean the dispenser where the soap, dirt, hair, and other grime accumulate. For rigid stains, use a toothbrush in those areas.
  • Finally, remove the filter if you have it in your machine at the bottom and clean it with vinegar or hot soapy water. You may find a pair of lost socks or baby pins.


Are you still afraid of cleaning or think a cleaning machine doesn’t need cleaning? Then, you are completely wrong. Wondering how to clean a washing machine? Check the above steps to easily clean your washing machine.


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