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The Types of Detergents and How These Cleaning Products Work

The detergents or soap are often used interchangeably as the cleaning products. These are chemical ingredients that help in breaking up and removing the grime and dirt. The detergents are the concoctions of additives and synthetic chemicals prepared in chemical plants. From washing powder and stain removers to hair shampoo and shaving foam, the detergent is used in all. The surfactant chemical is one of the primary ingredients to prepare the detergent. The surfactant is broken into 3 words – surface, active, agents. There are various types of detergents and these cleaning products work differently. Some of the detergents are –

Types of Detergents 1 - The Homemade or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) 

The homemade DIY types of detergents can be easy on your pocket. From selecting the ingredients to the fragrance, you can choose everything according to your comfort, choice, and skin suitability. The best part of the DIY detergents is you can avoid harsh toxins and chemicals and lasts for a long time. But, it also has a few difficulties like the DIY detergents are less effective, more time consuming, and sometimes messy to make.

Types of Detergents 2 - Chemical-Based 

cleaning product
Washing powder for cleaning,

Unlike the DIY detergents, the conventional types of detergents tend to contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals. The fragrance in the conventional detergents is prepared with the use of the chemicals. The shelf life is increased by using the stabilizers. Finally, the detergents become effective in hard water by preparing it with brighteners, bleach, and phosphates. Often even after washing thoroughly, you can find the remains of the detergents on your clothes and can cause skin irritation.

Types of Detergents 3 - Detergent Powders 

The shelf life of the powder detergents is more than the liquid types of detergents. For the powder detergents, bulk buying is possible but there are certain limitations as well. For instance, the powder detergents are more difficult to dissolve in the liquid and leave chalky deposits on your clothes.

Types of Detergents 4 - Liquid Based 

liquid detergent
Use Liquid detergent in the washing machine.

The liquid detergents work wonderfully when mixed with water. The cold water is more effective in this case. The liquid detergents are also effective to pre-treat stains. Pour the raw liquid detergent on the stains and leave it for some time. Then wash the stains and erase magically. The liquid detergent can create wastage. Being liquid, it can be used more and the packaging is also problematic.

Types of Detergents 5 – Non-Toxic Pods

Pods cleaning products for thorough cleaning.

The pods are non-toxic, used easily, and chemical-free. Often it becomes difficult to understand the correct quantity of the detergent. When you use the pods, there is no confusion and usually, the process is natural. The pods instantly dissolve in any temperature and are commonly dyes, chlorine, masking agents, and phosphate free. You can use the pods as the good quality cleaning products that are effective for the sensitive skin and also hypoallergenic.

How do these types of detergents work?

In order to work effectively, the detergents must have the following properties:

  1. It must lessen the water surface tension.
  2. Emulsify the soil and lift it from the cleaned exterior ends.
  3. It should have the ability to suspend the soil particles in the solution.
  4. The cleaning products must dissolve and stay efficient in the cold water as well as the hard water.
  5. The detergents must not harm the users when added in the correct quantity.
  6. The cleaning products should not cause damage to the cleaning surface.
  7. Rinse it easily from the surface and never leave any deposit or streaks.
  8. The cleaning products must be cost-effective.


There are various types of cleaning products. When it comes to detergents, it also has several varieties. In one of our earlier articles, you may learn how to choose the best types of detergents for laundry. The non-toxic and chemical-free cleaning products are the best ones to use as it is safe for both your skin and the cleaning surface.


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