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Prima Reinigung – things to consider before hiring a cleaner

If you have never hired professional cleaners, making that decision will require some consideration and attention in order to pick a service that meets your expectations.

Cleaning and household chores need to be done on a regular basis, but you might feel like you would rather do something else with that extra time. If that is the case, you can consider hiring a cleaner who’ll help to keep your home spotless.

SPIC AND SPAN. experts have put together some things to keep in mind before hiring professional cleaning help.

Everyone is different and so is their home

If you live alone in a city studio apartment, your needs will be rather different to those of a large family inhabiting a suburban house. Make sure your choice corresponds to your specific circumstances. For example, one cleaner is perfectly capable of handling a studio or a one bedroom apartment, but if your place is bigger than that, it’s more reasonable and efficient to hire a 2 person cleaning team to achieve the best results.

[caption id="attachment_931" align="alignnone" width="700"]Prima Reinigung – things to consider before hiring a cleaner Having carpets and living with pets feels great, but might make thorough cleaning require more time[/caption]

Cleaning requires time

In order to clean your home effectively, your cleaner will need some time and there’s no way around it. Some services might promise a deep cleaning that they'll manage in 1 hour, but that it simply not feasible. After all, nobody should rush and overlook half of the areas that need to be paid attention to.

Generally speaking, cleaning probably takes more time than you might expect. For instance, cleaning a studio apartment or a one bedroom flat will take 2.5-3.5 hours. Problematic areas such as bathroom or kitchen each might consume 1 hour of your professional cleaner’s time. In addition, first time cleaning always takes longer than maintenance cleaning, particularly if the place hasn’t been deeply cleaned in a while.

[caption id="attachment_929" align="alignnone" width="700"]Prima Reinigung – things to consider before hiring a cleaner Bathroom is often the most time-consuming area a home when it comes to cleaning[/caption]

Communication is key while hiring a cleaner

It might be possible that you consider you list of expectations self-explanatory, while they’re considered extra by other people. In order to avoid misunderstandings and disappointments, make sure to communicate with your cleaner beforehand and let them know what you’d like them to focus on. The same applies to cleaning supplies – if you’d like to use (or avoid using) certain cleaning solutions, be open about it. Even though most cleaning professionals bring cleaning solvents with them (and SPIC AND SPAN. is no exception), it’s a good idea to keep specific products at home if you prefer them.

[caption id="attachment_925" align="alignnone" width="700"]Prima Reinigung – things to consider before hiring a cleaner If you expect your cleaner to do specific chores, such as cleaning the windows, let them know[/caption]

For professional cleaning services please check us today today. We will take care of your home like it was our own, ensuring you and your family live in a clean and healthy environment.

A clean home makes your life easier and more pleasant. Making sure you make the best decision while hiring a cleaner will result in a fulfulling cleaning experience. For more articles on cleaning recommendations from our experts please check our blog regularly.

If you are too busy to clean your home, our cleaning experts are at your service 7 days a week. You can easily book your cleaning appointment here or by calling directly at +49 30 588 49440 (available 24/7). Berlin and Potsdam. Soon available in the majority of German cities. Check our home cleaning offer.

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