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What are the ways to Get Rid of Toxic Mold at Home?

The mildew and mold infestation are the most common problems faced at homes. Can you sense some sort of smell or something piling in the stuffy corners of your house? It’s definitely the mold once again. The mold problem can pose serious risks to your health. Your family and even your pets can face allergic reactions and respiratory problems. It can be worse for the ones with asthma and allergies. When the mold spores spread, the air in the house is filled with the harmful toxins. Here are some ways to get rid of toxic mold at home and thwart them from invading and occupying your house.

happy and healthy child
Get rid of the toxic mold at home for the safety of your child.

Eradicating Moisture Helps to Get Rid of Toxic Mold at Home

The humid and warm areas of your home like bathroom or laundry room are the most susceptible to the growth of mold. Such areas help the mold to flourish in leaps and bounds.

  • Removing and preventing by keeping the areas clean and most importantly, dry is the foremost step to get rid of toxic mold at home.
  • An outer drainage system is mandatory. It helps in drying the damp basement which might be the outcome of the crevices on the walls that lets in moisture.
  • Dehumidifier controls the humidity and the air conditioner helps to suck out the moisture in the warm air circulating cool dry air at home.
  • When the weather is dry, use an electric fan and open the windows to get the fresh air and carry out the moisture.

Disinfectant Cleaning Solution to Get Rid of Toxic Mold at Home

Home-based cleaning solutions that are easy to find, and also pocket-friendly are the best cleaning solutions for toxic mold removal at home. But, often bleach works the best to get rid of toxic mold at home.

  • On moldy surfaces, one cup of bleach mixed with one gallon of water can be sprayed or poured. Then, use a sponge and a bucket to clean the infected areas. Bleach is a dangerous and risky option as it creates toxic gas and produces harsh fumes when the chlorine bleach is mixed with household cleaners.
  • Vinegar is a safe option, although not as effective as the bleach. Spray apple cider vinegar or white undiluted vinegar on the infected area, leave it for an hour, and then clean by wiping it. Vinegar must be used on the non-porous surfaces only.
  • Borax is another disinfectant that is safe, only if it is not swallowed by mistake. Mixing 1-gallon water along with 1 cup of borax to scrub the affected area can help to get rid of toxic mold at home. Again use it on non-porous surfaces.
  • Clear ammonia can be used to remove toxic mold at home but it is a strong perilous chemical. Pour a mixture of water and clear ammonia in equal quantities, let it sit for an hour and then rub and rinse.
  • Baking soda is a great deodorizer which is safe as well as mild. Make a mixture of 8 ounces water and 2 tablespoon baking soda and spray it on the infected area. Then, use brush or sponge to scrub and finally rinse. Baking soda is not like the other cleaners and can be used on the porous surfaces. For other creative uses of baking soda in home cleaning check this article on our blog.

Cut Out Huge Mold Infestation to Get Rid of Toxic Mold at Home

Mold infestation at home is dangerous.

Deciding if the mold is just a cosmetic concern or toxic is vital. Once you know that your home is infected with the toxic mold, here are some necessary steps to get rid of toxic mold at home.

  • Enclose the infected area with plastic to cover the spread of spores and dust. Put on a dust mask and gloves before starting the disinfecting process.
  • Put off the air conditioner or the furnace prior to starting.
  • When you are done, seal off the gloves and other throwaway cloth and dust mast in a plastic enclosure. Dispose of them as soon a possible.
  • Wash away the affected area with household cleaners mentioned above and dry it thoroughly. Mold dust can persist, so, it is best to check the next day and if stains remain, use a good latex paint to paint over it.
  • Assess the damage to walls, ceilings, attic insulation and floor joists. In some cases, it may be necessary to repair or even replace them entirely.


To protect your loved ones, always keep a tab on the spread of mold contamination. Get rid of toxic mold at home on time as prevention is better than cure. So, prevent the spread with right and necessary steps to keep the toxic mold away. Another option is to order a cleaning service from us and let one of our vetted cleaners get rid safely of that mold.


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