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How to Get Rid of Stains on Sofa Or Couch Effectively

With the end of Christmas and New Year celebrations and the month-long festivities at home, it is not really shocking to find stains on the sofa. Stain on furniture, especially if on the sofa upholstery, is truly frustrating. Freaking out on your kids is not really an ultimate solution. Then, how to get rid of stains on sofa or couch? Do you know what kind of stain is it?

Reasons for Stains on Sofa

a glass of wine
Wine spills on sofa

Try to understand what kind of stain is it. A coffee stain, an oil stain, or is it a wine stain? It is important to know the source while dealing with such stubborn stains. It is possible that your kids rubbed their hands on the sofa while eating chocolate or a friend spilled some coffee, or the greasy chips fell on your sofa while kids trying to open the packet. Isn’t it? There can be several such reasons that can cause stubborn stains on your sofa. Let’s check out some of the reasons for stains and the steps to effectively get rid of stains on the sofa.

Steps to Getting Rid of Stains on Sofa

Ink Leaking

Often your kids keep their pens here and there. Leaked ink stains are common in many households. If your sofa upholstery is at risk with stains of ink, immediately rub alcohol to get rid of stains on the sofa. If the area is wet and you can manage to apply alcohol and rub the area immediately, there are chances that the stain will disappear.

  • take a fresh unsoiled cloth
  • dip it with rubbing alcohol
  • blot the stained area on your sofa
  • change the cloth when required
  • try to work from outside to the center of the stain to prevent smudging
  • repeat the steps until the stain is gone

Rinsing the sofa is not required, as the leftover alcohol will automatically evaporate once you complete dabbing.

Ketchup or Tomato Sauce

Ketchup stains are truly nasty. If you have a talkative neighbor, they are mostly the culprits behind tomato sauce stains. While gorging on the delicacies and gossiping, they never realize the dripping tomato sauce on the sofa. If you want to get rid of stains on the sofa:

  • remove any excess ketchup with a dull knife
  • blot the stained area with a clean damp cloth
  • Make a solution adding ½ cup dishwashing liquid and 1 cup water
  • dip a towel into the solution
  • blot the stain until it disappears
  • rinse the soap by blotting the upholstery with clean cloth and water
  • if coloration occurs, prepare a mixture of 1 teaspoon ammonia and ½ cup cold water
  • blot with the ammonia solution and rinse with clean water
  • let the sofa dry completely

This same method can be used if you want to get rid of stains on sofa created by mustard. The only difference is, always use warm water instead of cold one to get rid of mustard stains on the sofa.

Grease or Oil

Crackers, popcorn, or chips are some of the finger licking foods that can leave nasty oil stains and marks on your sofa. Although such stains are better dealt by the professionals with proper care and know-how, for immediate removal you may try:

  • absorb any excess grease/oil from the sofa by placing a paper towel onto the stain
  • spray the spot slightly with clean cold water
  • sprinkle substantial amount of salt onto the stain
  • once the oil is removed, vacuum the salt
  • treat the stain with spot-cleaning product
  • let it dry completely
Coffee Stains
coffee stains
Lovely coffee suddenly spills on the sofa

Coffee stains are common problems. If spilled on your sofa,  get rid of stains on the sofa by:

  • blotting excess liquid with a dry cloth
  • apply mild liquid detergent straight to the spot
  • gently scrub with a clean damp cloth
  • the detergent must not go too deep into the sofa, so don’t press hard
  • the stain will be gone soon, then rinse off the stain by dabbing the clean damp cloth
  • air dry the sofa
Chocolate Stains
chocolate stains
Kids are great at staining with chocolates

If you have kids at home, chocolate stains on the sofa are a regular issue. You keep shouting and scolding but the kids will always be kids. So, instead of losing energy on them, thinking of a right way to get rid of stains on the sofa can be more effective.

  • use a dull knife to scrape as much chocolate on the sofa as you can
  • prepare a solution using a cup of lukewarm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • dip a clean cloth into the solution
  • tap gently on the stain
  • never rub as it can push the chocolate deeper into the sofa upholstery
  • few minutes of dabbing can help the stain to vanish
  • rinse the part by dabbing a clean cloth dipping into cold water
  • air dry prior to sitting on a sofa


There are various such ways to get rid of stains on the sofa and manage each nasty stains caused by some, or the other food and drink, items. But, all the ideas are not known. If you are unaware of any instant solution or if your efforts don’t bring in results, hiring a professional cleaning service provider is the best option to deal with such situations.

We are the professional cleaners with the perfect solution to get rid of stains on sofa instantaneously. We have the experience and ability to bring in desired results as per the situation, which makes us one of the best in cleaning service in town.


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