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Get Your Productivity To The Next Level With Pomodoro Technique

Time-management has become a big problem today. People spend more time on social media and mobile phones than completing their tasks in a timely manner.  With numerous technology like a laptop, smartphones, tablet or other gadgets around, the distractions are high on your way to work productively. You might be trying to focus on your work but a simple notification from an array of apps loaded on your phone can disturb your workflow. Sometimes Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp or at times email and phone call, people have become addicted to the social life and media. This hampers your work in hand. From early childhood, people are so used to the gadgets that work productivity is completely at risk. In this article, we will learn about an effective and special time management technique named Pomodoro Technique.

Overview – Pomodoro Technique

prepare food
Preparing food is easy when you know time management.

It is a revolutionary system for managing time. Its purpose is to race beside the clock to reach the set deadline within the time. Created by Francesco Cardillo, the Pomodoro technique was first introduced in the 80’s when the man was in his college. He faced trouble to concentrate and remain at one task at one point in time. So, Cardillo purchased a tomato-shaped kitchen timer to divide his concentration into smaller segments. As the tomato is called Pomodoro in the Italian language, his style of dividing time to work productively is called the Pomodoro technique. The technique is simple and I can swear by it as I practice the same. My ability to focus has improved tremendously. The Pomodoro technique aims to enhance the productivity by improving your focus.

A Process of the Pomodoro Technique

quality time with child
Spend quality time doing household work at the right time.

What is the process involved in this Pomodoro technique? It is very simple. The Pomodoro is a 25-minute slot for you. Concentrate in a focused way followed by a break of 5 minutes. The process is to make a checklist for the most important tasks of the day. Then, set a timer for a 25-minute slot and start working on each task as per the priority. As soon as the timer rings, you just have to stop it. Take a 5 minutes break and again set the timer for 25 minutes. This process is followed 4 times and then, you can take a well-deserved break of 25 minutes.

The Pomodoro technique helps you to track your improvement and get an idea of the time taken by you to accomplish each task. With a regular practice of the Pomodoro technique, you can soon get an idea of how long do you take to complete each task. This lets you plan your tasks accordingly and increase your efficiency to do your work faster in a productive way.

How Does the Pomodoro Technique Help You in Office or at Home

concentrate on work
Concentration on work is easy with Pomodoro Technique.

Whether your office or home, there are several priority tasks that you must complete on a regular basis. For instance, emptying the bins, cleaning the kitchen, or a 15 minutes master bedroom cleaning routine that is a part of your regular tasks. Practice the Pomodoro technique to work productively and in a more focused way without getting distracted from your task. It makes your cleaning task easier and quicker when you get used to the technique. You learn to avoid your phone which is a major distractor from your work. Similarly, follow a checklist for your office and work as per the Pomodoro technique. It helps you to work efficiently with complete accuracy.

Try to incorporate the Pomodoro technique into your lifestyle. You can observe the good transformations that take your productivity to the next level. You can witness a sea-change in your work productivity. It does not only change for better but also make you punctual. It also makes you a quick and enthusiastic worker at both office and home.


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