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Easy Steps to Follow for Wood Furniture Cleaning and Polishing

Have you invested a good amount of money in wooden furniture? Or is it passed on to you from your parents? In any case, taking a good care of the wooden furniture becomes mandatory. Neither would you like your hard earned money to be wasted within a few years nor would you want the old furniture to look like passed on. Over the time, the wooden furniture keeps losing the shine due to the buildup of dust, oil, and dirt. When you have wooden furniture at home, the only solution to keep it safe and increase its longevity is proper wood furniture cleaning. Although, polishing is also an important part to keep the wood texture and glow intact. Here are some of the steps that you must follow for wood furniture cleaning and polishing.

wooden sofa
The small intricate carvings in wooden sofa handle.

Gather the Cleaning Requisites

The wood furniture cleaning doesn’t involve much of a headache. You just need a vacuum cleaner, a bucket to hold a gallon of water and some soft rags and clean clothes. Try to keep a bottle of white vinegar and olive or vegetable oil handy if your wooden furniture needs polishing.

Remove the Things from the Wood Furniture Cleaning Space

wooden dining table
Wooden dining table nicely arranged in a small area.

It is essential to make the wood furniture cleaning area clutter-free. Ensure to remove all the things like cushions, pillow, lamps, showpieces or any other things lying on the wooden countertop. Most of the wooden furniture have hardware attached to it. If it is possible to unscrew the hardware from the wood, it would be great for cleaning. In case, you feel it would be difficult for you to put it back then leave the idea of removing the hardware.

Vacuuming for Wood Furniture Cleaning

Every surface of your wood furniture needs a thorough cleaning. For getting rid of the accumulated dust and grime, vacuuming is the best thing to do. Use the brush attachments and the vacuum to deep clean the wooden surfaces of your furniture. The spinning attachment must be avoided for upholstery cleaning. It can damage the upholstery completely so be careful. When you remove each and everything, vacuuming the cushions can also be a great idea on the same go. If you do not wish to drag out the vacuum tool, you may damp a clean microfiber cloth and wipe softly for wood furniture cleaning.

Cleaning with Water and Vinegar

The vinegar is the handiest solution at home for cleaning. Pour half a cup of white vinegar into half a gallon of water. Mix it in the bucket. You may adjust the quantity according to the smaller or bigger wooden surface area. Once the mixture is ready, either spray, or use a soft clean rag to dip, wring, and gently wipe the wooden surfaces in a circular motion. Ensure that the cloth is carefully moistened and clean and repeat the process as soon as you feel it appears to be dirty. Too much of water for wood furniture cleaning can penetrate the surface and cause damage. Although there are innumerable benefits of vinegar, you may check out 4 things you should never clean with vinegar in our earlier article on the BLOG.

Remove the Moisture with Final Buffing

wooden couch
The wooden couch in a cozy area.

In order to avoid moisture leaving on the wood finish, take a dry clean cloth and start buffing in a circular motion. Your wood furniture cleaning remains incomplete without drying the wooden surface. Buffing the surface will give it a shiny and bright finish.

Polishing Once or Twice a Year

If you wish to retain the shine of your wooden furniture and increase its longevity, there’s nothing better than olive or vegetable oil and vinegar. Mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with the same quantity of olive or vegetable oil. Then, take a clean cloth and apply a little quantity of the mixture on the wooden surface and buff the wooden furniture to shine. Before using the mixture, remember to test it in a small wooden surface first.


Maintaining your wooden furniture will become easier and quicker when you start following the above steps. Apart from wood furniture cleaning at regular intervals, you must keep the wooden furniture away from the sunlight or extreme moist areas. Dusting your wooden furniture regularly can keep away the dust from accumulating. Letting a pro cleaning service do the cleaning of your furniture is also an option to be considered.


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