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Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist To Ensure Healthy Work Environment

The communal kitchens are truly the scary ones. This, unfortunately, includes even the rudimentary kitchens at many German offices. Resourceful office manager and founders bootstrapping their start-ups sometimes try to remediate the situation by introducing a 'kitchen duty' at their companies. It doesn't help in keeping the employees focused on what they were actually hired for. Neither does it help in keeping the shared kitchen clean. The sad truth is that in most cases unless managed by a professional cleaning service, the office kitchen will remain a place where only the bravest souls will dare to heat up their lunch. Although the frequency of an office kitchen cleaning depends on the number of employees in the company, a daily office kitchen cleaning checklist must be followed to avoid any unwanted atmosphere. An office kitchen without any definite cleaning routine can add to the rising health issues in the workplace.

When you enter the office kitchen for a cup of coffee, you discover unwashed spoons in the sink, leftover lunch on the table, and the microwave interiors adorned with the miscellanies of different kinds of foods. Do you feel motivated to work after discovering such a mess when you just needed a cup of coffee? Your staffs deserve a clean well maintained office environment where they can take a break or make beverages and meals. So, ensure to follow a daily office kitchen cleaning checklist or hire a professional service to take care of the same. Here is a suggested daily office kitchen cleaning checklist to maintain a clean and healthy office kitchen.

Empty Waste Bins – Include in Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The kitchen bins are often used for throwing away food which leads to stinky and foul smell. To avoid a nasty office environment, regular emptying of waste bins must be included in daily office kitchen cleaning checklist.

Vacuuming the Kitchen – Must To-Do Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

vacuuming kitchen floor
Daily vacuuming the kitchen floor is a must.

The most used traffic areas like kitchen must be vacuumed regularly in order to keep it clean and pleasant for the employees as well as the visitors.

Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist  Essential - Brush Loose Matting

The floor covering if any must be brushed or vacuumed in order to get rid of the loose dust that comes from shoes or with air.

Mopping the Kitchen Floor – Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist Point

The dust particles are quite stubborn which often remains even after vacuuming. So, mopping the kitchen floors give it a sparkling clean look.

Sink and Drains Cleaning

clean office sink
Clean sink requires daily cleaning to avoid blockage.

The sink and drains get clogged even if a small food particle or paper gets stuck. So, adding it to the daily office kitchen cleaning checklist is mandatory. You may also check our rapid 20 minutes kitchen cleaning article to gain more ideas.

Replace Centerfeed Reels or Paper Hand Towels

Replenishing the paper hand towels or the centerfeed reels is also a requirement for daily office kitchen. It must be taken care of if you want to extract productivity from your staffs.

Damp Washing the Table Surfaces – Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

If you have tables and benches in the kitchen for your employees to sit and have lunch or enjoy break time, you must regularly clean it with the damp cloth. Food remnants or coffee spill stains can be hard to get rid of if it is left for hours. So cleaning the table surfaces with a damp cloth and then wiping it with a dry one is highly essential.

Fridge and Microwave Cleaning

Microwave cleaning
Avoid spills in the microwave by daily microwave cleaning.

If you have microwave or fridge in your office kitchen, it must be checked regularly for any spillages. You may check the oven cleaning guide article to understand how to clean it with natural ingredients.

Other Appliances Cleaning

If you have a coffee machine in your office kitchen or a cooktop or ventilation hood, any appliance that is used on a regular basis needs a basic cleaning in order to avoid any kind of difficult stains or germs.

Dishwashing – Must Do Daily Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

The half-eaten plates or the dirty food plates should never be kept for washing later. It is vital to clean the dishes and plates as soon as you complete your food in order to avert the germs and bacteria to rest on it.


With such a long daily office kitchen cleaning checklist, hiring the professional cleaners are the best thing to do. It can keep your employees happy and also more productive. If you start with all the office kitchen cleaning on a regular basis, it will make your staffs uncreative, create chaos in offices, make your staffs and you sick, and definitely impede your business. Take a wise decision and follow the above daily office kitchen cleaning checklist to keep your office environment fresh, hygienic, and pleasant always.


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