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Comprehensive Bedroom Cleaning Checklist - Ensure Good Night’s Sleep

The bedroom often tends to accrue mess. Whether jewelry or clothing, books or magazines, many of us have the habit of leaving things on the tables or drawers. Instead of keeping the things in place, when you start piling it up in the drawers, on the bed, floor or on the table tops, it becomes cluttered. Do you think it should be this way? The bedroom is a place to relax - a space where one can retreat for a comfortable stretch out or cuddle with your loved ones. But, if your bedroom is disorganized and cluttered, nothing romantic or relaxing remains in the room. Here’s a comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist which you should take care of always. Maintaining a checklist ensures your comfort nest is always neat and where you would love to return to.

Comprehensive Bedroom Cleaning Checklist – Remove the Items Lying Here and There

Take a basket and pick all the items lying here and there on the floor, table, bed or maybe on the couch. Keep the segregation for later when you complete cleaning your bedroom.

Dusting the Furnishings – A Vital Point for Comprehensive Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Clean furnishings in the bedroom.

Take a microfiber cloth and start dusting the table, chair, dresser, cabinet or closet. Next, turn to the television, computer, cable box, or stereo to get rid of the thin layer of dust particles accumulated on the gears.

Sanitization of Remote Control and Telephone

This is a vital point for a comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist that hardly anyone takes a note of. Your remote controls for every electronic item like tv, video game or stereo and your phones are high germ magnets. It must be cleaned using disinfecting wipes.

Upholstery Cleaning – Part of Comprehensive Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Bring down the curtains for laundry and turn to the couch for cleaning it with a moistened microfiber cloth. Replace the curtains with a fresh set of curtains.

Cleaning the Doors and the Windows

glass windows
Clean glass windows in the bedroom.

Clean the windows or doors with a glass cleaner and wipe it with a newspaper. You may also check our earlier article that shows how vinegar can be an important cleaning solution for floors, glass doors, and windows. It is completely natural and handy without any side effects. You may also clean the windows using sponge and dishwashing and water cleaning solution.

Do Not Miss Out Dusting the Fixtures

Switch off the fixture before dusting. Then, use an extendable cleaning duster and swipe it over the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and the recessed illuminating lights. It is a must include a point in the comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist.

The Blinds and Drapes Vacuuming

Always use a brush accessory and set it on low mode to clean the dust hidden in the drapes and the blinds. A wet microfiber cloth may be used to remove the dust completely from the blinds after vacuuming.

Dust Any Family Photo frame or Artwork Hanging on the Wall

3 Wall painting in the bedroom.

For cleaning the frames, you may mop the dust or run the duster around it. You can also spray cleaning solution on a microfiber cloth and wipe the glass wall hanging and frames.

Bedsprings and Mattress Vacuuming

Firstly, remove the dust-laden bedsheet and pillowcases for washing. Take a brush part and vacuum over the mattress and bedspring surface in horizontal and vertical strokes. Always be extra attentive while cleaning the buttoned or dented areas.

Vacuum and Mop the Floors

Once all cleaning and dusting part is done, use the uncarpeted area brush attachment for vacuuming. Move the big furniture pieces and vacuum every corner and beneath the furniture. Use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to mop the floors to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Change the Bedsheets and Pillow Cases

Spread a fresh sheet on the bed and cover the pillows and blankets. To complete the comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist, do up your bed perfectly and neatly.

Air the Room and Put Things Back in Place

Finally, open the windows to air the room. Sit back in a clean atmosphere and place the books and magazines in its place on the table. Fold the clothes neatly and keep it back in the closet, and any other items must be placed back in its place. Remove the rest unnecessary items to make your room ready and inviting.


A comprehensive bedroom cleaning checklist is vital. Once you have the checklist, it becomes easier for you to complete your bedroom cleaning. You take one task at a time and complete it without leaving any of the tasks. It might take some time but the end result is truly pleasurable.


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