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Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for a Germ-Free Bathroom

For most of us, bathroom cleaning routine is one of the most dreaded tasks. Whether you love it or hate it, bathroom cleaning is a must-do task that cannot be avoided at any cost. The bathroom is the major dirt and grime attracting space. It is because we just try to spot the dirty area and clean only that much instead of following a daily cleaning routine. To assist you with this struggle here’s a comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist. Whether monthly, weekly or daily follow the checklist to ensure your bathroom sparkles every day.

Cleaning the Shower and Tub – First Step of Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

white bathtub
A crystal clean bathtub to get rid of the stress.

If you keep the grout and tile unattended for a few days, it becomes a huge task of cleaning. Dealing with tough water stains or damaged grout needs expert’s assistance. But, if you wish to do it yourself you may use a vinegar, lemon drops, dish detergent, and water solution. You can spray the solution and use a sponge to clean the shower and wipe down the tub or glass. Make a paste using baking soda and waterdrops, and get rid of the watermarks by scrubbing softly with a brush.

Rings and Shower Rod Cleaning – Overlooked Part of Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Does your bathroom consist of a shower-tub combo? Then, the curtain and shower rod must also be a part of it. The stains and mildew start piling up in the rings and rod, which is often overlooked. It would be good if you can manage a day or two from your busy schedule to wipe the rods and the rings with a damp washcloth.

The Vanity and Sink Cleaning – Vital Inclusion in the Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

The vanity or the bathroom sink area is the major site for dirt and grime. Often these unwanted tasks, a part of the comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist becomes mandatory to perform. This area can leave a stubborn depositing layer due to a range of items lying there like hair care products, makeup, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. It can leave you with painful hands because of scrubbing for several hours and for resorting to the harsh chemicals. Cleaning it once or twice a week by removing everything is vital. Always make sure to keep some paper towels and the vinegar solution ready to wipe it as soon as you complete your makeup.

Fixtures and Faucets Cleaning

The fixture and faucets like a stopper in the sink or the drain cover are usually dark wet places where the molds breed. The baking soda solution is the best cleaning product to get rid of the molds. You may also check the uses of baking soda for cleaning in our earlier articles for reference.

Give a Sparkling Shine to the Mirrors

The clean mirror makes you feel and look good.

The water stains on the bathroom mirror can make it appear quite ugly. Using the same vinegar cleaning solution to spray on the mirror and wiping it with old newspaper or towel paper can give it a sparkling shine.

Cleaning the Drawers and Medicine Cabinet

Dusting the drawers and organizing the things inside it, once a week is important to keep the drawers and cabinets perfectly neat. The medicine cabinet also attracts a lot of unwanted stuff, which you hardly use. Wiping the dust inside and reorganizing things can make it appear clean and well-ordered.

Disinfecting Toilet – Unwanted Task in the Comprehensive Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Do you see a ring of scum formed in the toilet bowl? It is the time when your toilet needs a thorough cleaning, an essential must do in the comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist. You should clean both outsides and inside the toilet bowl every week. The denture cleaner tablets can be dropped into the bowl and put down the lids. After some time, use a toilet brush to remove the stains completely. You may also pour a few drops of tea-tree oil and 1/8th cup vinegar into the bowl every alternate day. A perfect cleaning ensures a hygienic and germ-free toilet bowl.

Wastebasket Cleaning

dirty wastebasket
Filthy wastebaskets are the hub of germs and bacteria.

A multipurpose cleaner can be used to clean the outer as well as inner parts of the wastebasket. Once clean, wipe it with a cloth.

Mopping the Bathroom Floor

One of the most final and vital points in the comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist is mopping the floor. Use a mixture of natural cleaner mixed with water to mop the bathroom floor. Take a sponge or a clean cloth to start mopping from the extreme corners of the bathroom until the door. Wring in the sponge and dry mop the entire floor for a clean bathroom.

Unclog the Air Vents

Due to the constant residue and steam, the air vents in the bathroom can get easily clogged and moldy. Once a month it is a must a climb up a ladder and open the vents with a screw diver. Use the cleaner and the paper towel to wipe it down or a vacuum clean it using the right brush attachment.


Ensure to follow the comprehensive bathroom cleaning checklist in order to acquire a hygienic, germ-free, and sanitized bathroom. No more thinking and wasting time on where to start and how to complete. Just go through the detailed checklist to clean your bathroom easily.


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