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The 7 Best Practices to Prevent Toxic Mold at Home

Mold is a small word but it has the power to make any individual cringe and wince. Although it is good for organic matter decomposition, mold’s undetected growth can be really bad for your home. Whether ceiling tiles or inner walls of condensing and leaking pipes, food paper, clothing, and carpet or rear side of the drywalls, mold can make its abode anywhere. It does not only affect your health and a tough problem but fixing mold is quite expensive too. Are you worried about how to prevent toxic mold at home? Here are some ways of prevention before the mold can become an unmanageable problem.

Recognizing the Problematic Areas at Home

A home completely free from molds is certainly difficult but you can definitely increase mold-resistance at home. Is there a water overflow in the basement? Have you often noticed condensation on the windows upstairs or the ceiling being water stained persistently due to a leak? It is very difficult to prevent toxic molds at home. Identifying such problematic mold growing areas at home that are majorly the results of poor waterproofing and excavation and taking necessary actions can help in preventing the growth of molds at home.

Keeping Wet Area Dry to Prevent Toxic Mold at Home

wet roof
A wet roof can cause the spread of mold spores.

Moisture is a big problem and the reason for mold's growth at home. Keeping the wet areas dry can be of great help to prevent toxic mold at home. For instance, rainwater seepage into the basement or the leaking pipes accumulation can instantly lead to mold's growth. Even the wet carpet due to water spills or wet clothes in the washing machine and wet walls after taking shower can add to the spread of mold at home. Drying within 24 to 48 hours time, preferably in the open or in good air circulation areas can act as a good prevention from mold.

Proper Ventilation to Prevent Toxic Mold at Home

Areas like the laundry room, kitchen or bathroom are the high moisture-laden parts in any house. You may do any amount of cooking and cleaning activities if you have a proper ventilation at home. The appliances like the dehumidifiers and the air conditions must be checked and cleaned periodically to ensure that they are not producing moisture. Running an exhaust fan or opening a window while dishwashing or mopping and cooking help to release the moisture if any in those areas.

Avoid Water Stagnation to Prevent Toxic Mold at Home

If the surrounding of your house is not sloping the water may stagnate around and seep into the basement or crawlspace of your home. To prevent toxic mold at home ensure slopy surrounding from the foundation.

Roof Gutter Cleaning or Repair

Leaking roofs can lead to the growth of mold. But, it can be easily checked with a slight amount of cautiousness and regular inspection. Cleaning the roof gutters at regular intervals and inspecting for any damage in the gutters is mandatory. Repairing them as per requirement and keeping an eye on the ceiling for water stains especially after storms for leakage can prevent toxic mold at home.

damp basements
Damp basements can spread the mold.

Keep Toxic Mold Away from the Household Plants

The moist soil of the household plants can be the exact breeding area for mold. Once the mold starts breeding, it can definitely spread in your home quite easily. But, getting rid of the plants is not the ideal solution as it helps in keeping the indoor air clean. Taheebo tea, available in natural food stores can be added to the water while watering the household plants to check toxic mold's growth.

Use Mold-Resistant Products to Keep the Mold in Check

If you are renovating your home or building a new one, try using mold-resistant products such as mold inhibitors for paints, mold-resistant Sheetrock or mold-resistant drywall. The gypsum core of the paperless mold resistant drywall is covered with the fiberglass which makes it water resistant. It is designed specifically to check absorption of moisture and thus, prevent toxic mold at home.


Moisture is the most critical aspect that leads to the growth of mold. Controlling the moisture at various parts of your home can prevent toxic mold at home to a great extent. Most importantly, you must be aware of the climate of your region and accordingly what’s suitable for your home to prevent the mold from breeding and spreading in. Above are some of the tips that you may follow to keeps the moisture under control and thus, prevent toxic mold at home.


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