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After Party Cleaning - How To Clean Less?

Who doesn’t like to celebrate? Just think about all different situations in which throwing a big party, getting together with family and friends, or organizing a special event is the best way to make that thing you celebrate even more memorable. Whether it is the 80th birthday of your grandfather, college graduation of your daughter, your best mate getting married (here we go, stag and hen parties ? ) or your business celebrating its 10th anniversary.

For millennia, we humans have tried to make certain events more special by ritualizing them. These rituals originating in the past often became present day opportunities for celebration. Think about the Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Baptism, or Eid Holiday. If you are not religious, you still probably celebrate the ‘official beginning of adulthood’ (also known as ‘18th birthday party’).

Party stages

Every event, celebration or party can be broken down into 3 parts. Party planning, actual party, and… after party cleaning. Since we are on SPIC AND SPAN.BLOG, we will focus on that last element. If you are looking for some party planning articles, you can find plenty of them here. And when it comes to partying, we hope we don’t have to teach you how to do that ?

[caption id="attachment_968" align="alignnone" width="700"]Appetizers A lot of work comes into organizing and cleaning after a good party. [/caption]

How to avoid party cleaning?

There are many ways to organize the party in such a way that you don’t have to even think about cleaning. First of all, you can organize your event at the venue dedicated for the purpose. This can be a small restaurant, bar, club or just a general event space. Obviously, the particulars of the arrangement depending on what you agreed on with the venue owner, but more likely than not, they will take care of the cleaning. Another option is to hire a ‘full-service’ party planning company. Just mention to them, that after party cleanup should be a part of the service. Even if they don’t have staff who can do the cleaning, they surely have trusted subcontractors which they can use for the job.

[caption id="attachment_970" align="alignnone" width="700"]Empty tables at a restaurant. If you are a busy person who has no time to clean up after the party, consider hiring a party planner.[/caption]

How to make party cleaning easier?

Well, I cheated a bit. We have to touch the ‘party planning’ part. The truth is the better you plan, the less cleaning you will have to do. If you rented an Airbnb for the bachelor weekend, which you will have to vacate at 8 am next morning to catch your plane back home, do not party there. Make a reservation at some club at midnight, pay up front for the table, so you will be less tempted not to stick to your plan.

For birthday parties organized at home, you can cut the amount of food and drinks you prepare. Count the number of people you expect to show up and prepare just a little less than you think will be necessary. First of all, you probably overestimating the calorie consumption capabilities of your friends and second of all you can always order a pizza or run to the night store for some refreshments. Less cooking = less dishwashing.

[caption id="attachment_969" align="alignnone" width="700"] Good planning ahead of time can minimize the cleaning work necessary after the party.[/caption]

Last minute (emergency) party cleaning

No one enjoys these situations. But they happen from time to time. No matter how well you plan your party, sometimes you just ‘go with the flow’ and wake up in (what you think is) the morning with broken glass on the floor, lipstick on the mirror, empty bottles everywhere, tortilla chips on your carpet and a massive red wine stain on the beige sofa. Hopefully not everything at once, but you get the idea. To make things worse, you look at your phone, it’s 6 pm and unless you leave in 15 minutes, you will miss your last train home. And tomorrow morning you fly to Beijing for a conference. You have to grab your things and leave immediately.

But wait, you also paid a big deposit to rent this place. How will you get it back? Not very likely if the landlord sees his or her place in such a state. In situations like this there is only one easy way to fix it – get the last minute cleaning service (regular cleaning company will never agree to arrive at such short notice). If you happen to need such service in the cities like Berlin and Potsdam, where SPIC AND SPAN. offers its services, you can always give us a call and leave the job to the cleaning pros ?

[caption id="attachment_971" align="alignnone" width="700"]Tired seal unfit for an after party cleaning. If you feel like this seal, you certainly have no mind to think about after party cleaning.[/caption]

After Party Cleaning by SPIC AND SPAN.

If you have no time (or just don’t feel like) cleaning after your party, our SPIC AND SPAN. cleaning pros are there to help you whenever you need them. Emergency party cleaning can be arranged on just 4-hour notice (in exceptional cases even 2-hour notice). You can order our LAST MINUTE REINIGUNG. online using this form or give us a call at +49 30 588 494 40 or send us an email at info@spicandspan.de. Our live customer support is available 24/7. Party cleaning can be arranged on any day of the week at any time.

Grete Kuusk


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