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7 Quick and Easy Chores to Do Around Your House in Under a Minute

Do you hate doing the household chores? Many of of us feel that such chores are too time-consuming and can be easily done without. The chores like cleaning the refrigerator or de-cluttering and organizing the bedroom closet can take a long time but, there are various easy chores to do around your house that hardly take a minute. Somethimes even less than a minute. Why don’t you try them? Do you feel the chores are always tiring and time-consuming? Here are 7 quick and easy chores to do around your house in less than 60 seconds.

Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

The clean kitchen gives you positive vibes.

There are several surfaces in the kitchen that need to be wiped daily. Wiping the kitchen surfaces like countertops, refrigerator handles, faucets and knobs, sink, cabinets, drawers, microwave doors and handles, stovetops, etc. takes hardly 30 seconds. Just grab a microfiber cloth and a bottle of the right cleaner for easy chores to do around your house.

Emptying the Garbage Bins

If you have some free time, clearing your waste bin hardly takes any time. Did you know that? You can easily get rid of the nasty smell spreading from the wastebasket in your bathroom or kitchen. It just takes a few seconds to tie the trash bag and dump it. If you stack the spare bin liners at the bottom of the wastebaskets, the task becomes more efficient. If you have more time on your hands, try sprinkling some baking soda at the inner base of the bin to prevent nasty odor. Yes, the baking soda has several benefits and you may check out the creative uses of baking soda in one of the articles on our blog.

Quick Shower Wall Squeegee

Whenever you take a shower, the soap scum is built upon the bathroom walls but. Relatively hard water in Germany also tends to leave mineral residue on the shower walls. You can easily spare half a minute of your time to run a quick squeegee on the shower walls. When you take bath or a shower, the squeegee splashes wash away the water and shampoo on the walls preventing soap scums.

Bathroom Mirror Cleaning

Cleaning the mirror takes just half a minute of your time.

You can clean your bathroom mirror withing an eyeblink. This task is so easy that even a kid can do this within just a few seconds. Spray a little amount of ammonia or vinegar on the mirror and wipe it using a microfiber cloth and see a sparkling clean mirror within less than a minute.

Entryways Vacuuming

The foyers, side doors, mudrooms, and the entryways are usually filled with dust due to the foot traffic throughout the day and vacuuming the space quickly can help you to keep the dirt and dust to the least as possible. It is one of the easy chores to do around your house.

Touchscreen Cleaning

The gadgets must be cleaned from time to time.

Not all electronic devices are easy to clean but your smartphones and tablets can be easily cleaned using a damp microfiber cloth. You just need to wipe down your touchscreen using the microfiber cloth. Make sure it is switched off and unplugged before wiping the touchscreen. Do not let the moisture get into your touchscreen through the openings. After wiping always make sure you dry it completely before switching it on.

Unclutter the Junk Mail

If you leave the junk mails as it comes, it can be a nightmare for you. Sorting the junk mail is one of the easy chores to do around your house every day. Spare a few seconds of your time and sort the junk mail each day to keep your headache at bay.

We hope that this article made you aware of some easy chores than can be done in less than a minute. With that new knowlege, you can now start using at least a few of them daily. Make the quick clean-up a habit, and in just a few days you'll surely notice a positive change in your home environment!


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