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5 Steps To Keep Your House Clean Even With Pets At Home

The pets at home can be a great company for you, irrespective of your age group. From keeping you busy to being a trusted friend and a great listener, pets keep you healthy and happy. But when you have pets at home, keeping your house clean and odor-free can be a big tast. The fur of the pets cannot be avoided if you have such little friends at home. When you take your pet friends for a walk, they end up bringing dirt and mud inside your home. They keep spreading the dirt while running all across the house. Are you wondering if you can at all control it? Here are 5 steps that you may follow to keep your house clean even with the pets at home.

A Routine Cleaning and Grooming When Pets at Home

dog on the carpet
Your pet sleeping on the carpet.

Running in the mud, playing in the dirt or just having a walk outside is a part of any pet’s routine. A proper grooming of your pets can keep the dirt and dust away from your home. Although the pet shampoo shouldn’t be used often, giving your pets a rapid wash or shower with just plain water can create a difference. If your dog is wet let them stay in one area where the water can be easily wiped out like the laundry room. You may also use a spray bottle to wipe off the paws. Make sure to dry them well and at regular intervals de-shed and trim their fur as per their breed. Using a pet shampoo from time to time is also a must to maintain a hygienic and clean atmosphere at home.

Pets at Home - Spend a Few Euros on a High-Grade Vacuum Cleaner

When you have pets at home, you need to be careful while purchasing the vacuum cleaner. You must select a one that’s most suitable in banishing the odors and picking the irksome hairs. The vacuum cleaners must have a great filter, a high-quality brush, and strong suction power to get rid of the filth completely. Instead of just gliding over the cleaning surfaces, your vacuum cleaner must be able to draw the dirt and hair from the upholstery and floor. Ensure cleaning the filter and attachments of the vacuum cleaner. If the filter is clogged with dirt and hair, it can spread foul smell while vacuuming next. If you have a de-shedding tool (like this one), make sure to clean it each day, vacuum and clean it to keep your pets at home healthily.

Get a Pet-Friendly Sofa When Pets at Home

furry dog on the couch
Furry pet sitting on your couch.

Are you wondering what a pet-friendly sofa is? When you have a sofa with a wrong fabric, it can attract the pet hairs like a magnet. It can also spread foul smell without showing up any stain, so cleaning it is not an easy task. If you have pets at home, try to invest in leather sofas. Purchase a tightly woven sofa in order to avoid pet hairs sticking in the nooks and corners or threads of the sofa fabric. You may buy a sofa that has a similar shade to your pet. Try to cover the sofa with a sheet that can be washed off easily.

A Sensible Dog-Bed Purchase

While walking down the pet shops, you may get lured by a range of designs and the added fluffy padding of the beds. Do not get fooled by the extravagant and alluring beds and accessories because it might turn out to be a nightmare. Cleaning such pet beds can be really difficult so it is always advisable to purchase something that can be easily maintained. The easy to wipe, water resistant, and comfortable beds are the best ones for the pets at home. You can clean it using a damp cloth once or twice a week and leave it in the sun to dry.

Fight Bad Odors with Home Based Products

fancy pet bed
A fancy bed for the pet.

Foul odors can fill your rooms when you have pets at home. Do not begin by spending moneyon a range of cleaning solvends to fight the bad odors. Instead, you may try searching for something at home. In order to clean the foul-smelling upholstery or cupboard, spritzing it with a diluted vodka can help. Vinegar and baking soda are also great at removing the foul smell from your home. You may spray the baking soda solution on carpets and rugs prior to vacuuming for absorbing the odors. Wash off the beds and toys in a vinegar solution to get rid of the foul smell. You may also check one of our articles on creative uses of baking soda for cleaning on our website.


Apart from the above 5 ways, there are several other ways to keep your house clean when you have pets at home. Your pet can be a real mess-maker. You need to be patient enough to handle it with care.


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