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5-Step Guide to Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Keyboard

A computer keyboard can be five times filthier than a toilet seat. Often it is seen that people grab on their food while using the keyboard but never care to clean it properly. Whether later night caffeine drinks or snacks, you can always find one or the other as your companion while typing on your computer keyboard. It works as the fuel for great thoughts and ideas while working. But, if you do not realize that your keyboard is not really in a working condition then, you might soon have to buy a new one. Would you like to work on a grease, crumbs or stained coated and bacteria infected keyboard? If not, try to focus on keyboard cleaning at regular intervals. It can increase the longevity of your keyboard. Let’s check out a 5-step guide to keyboard cleaning and disinfecting.

Unplug and Switch Off the Computer

backlit keys
Backlit keys in the keyboard looks beautiful.

Are you thinking of taking a small break from checking emails and replying to clean the keyboard and get right back? Any cleaning work cannot be done properly at a glance. When it comes to the keyboard, it is nearly impossible. You cannot do it without pressing the key bunch, which can spoil your work on the computer. There might not be adequate space for cleaning at the desk. To ease your work while cleaning ensure to shut down the computer, unplug the keyboard, and then get on with keyboard cleaning.

Get Rid of the Grime and Lose Scrapings for Keyboard Cleaning

eat and work
Typing on a keyboard while eating.

Prior to the germ disinfecting process, it is essential to get rid of the loose crumbs and dust particles sitting on your computer keyboard. As soon as you turn off your computer and unplug it, turn the keyboard upside down and shake. You may also use a compressed air can or a hair dryer to blow away the loose scrapings out of the keyboard.

Rapid and Lengthy Keyboard Cleaning

There are two ways of cleaning the keys of the keyboard – a rapid way of cleaning and a long way of cleaning.

If you are short of time, opt for the rapid keyboard cleaning process. Once all the loose particles are out from your keyboard, use a disinfecting wipe and wrap it around the end of a spoon. Now, drag the disinfecting wipe on the surface as well as on the edges of the keyboard. This will help in clearing the dirt and dust hidden on the edges of the keyboard. The most used areas like the space bar must be paid special attention to.

The lengthy way of cleaning the keyboard is usually required for more contaminated keyboards. Once your keyboard is free from any kind of debris and loose crumbs, take a rounded unsharpened tool like a flat-head screwdriver or a butter knife. Now, use the tool to gently press and remove the keys. Usually, the keys of the keyboard can be removed, if you still cannot remove or get confused, try to consult the user manual of your device. After removing all the keys, put them in a small bowl containing water and soap or rubbing alcohol for cleaning. Finally, put all the keys on the towel for drying.

Trenches Cleaning – An Important Part of Keyboard Cleaning

computer and keyboard
A clean desk and computer and keyboard.

Now, comes the zone under the keys and removal of the keys for cleaning gives you access to this underneath area. You may once again use the compressed air can or hair dryer to ensure all the debris and dust are blown away. Once the dust is blown, use a sanitizing wipe for gently cleaning the inner surfaces.

Bring the Keyboard Back to Working After Keyboard Cleaning

As you complete cleaning each of the parts of the keyboard, it needs to be re-assembled. To place the keys back in place, you just have to put a little bit of pressure and put them back. If you are not aware of the right spaces of each key, you may have a look at the keyboard map, which differs with age and brand.


Cold and cough are common problems that can also lead to bacteria and germs. Do not risk your health when you can stay away from such infections just by taking some time out for keyboard cleaning. It is equally important as cleaning your bathroom. Here’s a checklist article for a germ-free bathroom as well from our website.


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