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5 Smart Energy Saving Tips That You Can Start Using Right Away

Are you looking for options to save on your utility bills and conserve energy? You can find several smart options to reduce energy consumption that ranges from a few behavioral changes to across-the-board home developments. You do not always need some major investments in order to save energy, it can be as simple as switching off the power button when an appliance is not in use. In this article, let’s learn some of the energy saving tips that you can use right away at home.

Reduce Usage of Appliances and Lights – An Energy Saving Tips

well lit room
Empty room but lights are on.

More than half of the utility bills are paid on cooling and heating your home. Turn down the thermostat heat during winters and reduce the use of air conditioner during summer to save energy at home. This cutbacks in the frequency and intensity of cooling and heating offer the utmost savings. Apart from the air conditioner and the thermostat, you must also make it a habit to turn off the appliances and lights when not in use.

Perform Some Task Yourself Instead of Depending on the Appliance

The energy-intensive appliances like the dryer or the dishwasher can be used less by performing some amount of tasks yourself. Drying the clothes on your own or washing utensils by hand are some of the tasks that can be managed without using an appliance. It can help in less energy consumption and is one of the best energy saving tips.

An Energy Saving Tips - Reduction of Water Heating Expense

natural light
Natural light is available and still, room lights are on.

Water heating is one of the prime contributors to your entire consumption of energy at home. You may purchase water heater that is energy efficient or reduce usage of hot water. While buying the energy-efficient models, you must keep your requirements in mind and also the kind of fuel usage it has. You may also insulate the water heater and the first 6 feet of cold and hot pipes of water. Turning down the water heater thermostat can also one of the greatest energy saving tips.

Weatherizing Your House

many lights
All the lights in the house are switched on.

Any kind of air leaks at home can be the cause of high energy usages. Sealing or weatherizing the leaks can decrease your cooling and heating expenses. The doors, windows, and the vents are the most common sources of such air leaks. In order to prevent such air leaks, you must seal any openings or cracks usually found between the vents, doorframes, wall, windows, ceiling, and ducting.

Weather stripping for moving objects and caulking for stagnant objects are the techniques that must be used to prevent air leaks. Air leaks occur from the interiors into the attic through the tiny openings. Sealing such leaks can help you to save on your utility bills. Insulating the ducts, windows, attics, walls, floor, basement, rather a complete home insulation is the best energy saving tips to save energy consumption at home.

Kitchen Energy Saving Tips

The kitchen is one place where you can save a good amount of energy if you really want to. Firstly, the frozen foods can be thawed in the fridge that helps in reducing the time of cooking. Secondly, use of electric oven is costlier than the use of a microwave. Using the microwave consumes reduced energy than any electric oven. Thirdly, when the stove is being used, keeping the lids on the pots cuts down the cooking time.

Fourthly, we all know how important is a ventilation hood. You may also check why a ventilation hood is required while cooking article on our website. Finally, a refrigerator is the costliest energy consuming home appliance that can shoot up your power consumption bill.  You must ensure that the door seal of the fridge is free and tight from the gaps so that the cold air cannot escape. You may turn off the refrigerator for 1-2 hours each day in order to save energy.


The above-mentioned are some of the energy saving tips that you may start using right away. If you want you may spend on buying energy saving lights, smart power strips, programmable thermostat, and more. But, initiating some of the above energy saving tips yourself at home right away can also help you in saving energy consumption.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Acknowledgments:

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