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5 Easy Ways to Prevent Plumbing Problems at Home

Every apartment and house suffers from the plumbing issues like leaking pipes, clogged drains, etc. It can add up to your water bill very quickly. Apart from that, nasty odor and dirty water overflowing are common problems that you face when the drains are clogged. Plumbing problems are a real nightmare. A little preventive maintenance on your part can save you from the plumbing issues. Here are 5 easy ways to prevent plumbing problems in your daily life.

Avoid Grease Down the Drain to Prevent Plumbing Problems 

Basin tap or drain pipes can get jammed.

You must be very careful to note what you are putting down the drain at home. It is often a common habit to pour the cooking grease down the drain. But, do you know the oil cools and hardens which clogs the drain? Never try to pour down the grease through the kitchen sink. It will block the drain and need you to call the plumber to fix the issue. Instead of putting the grease down the drain, put it in an empty bowl to discard it off later in the garbage.

Prevent Plumbing Problems Using a Drain Screen

Sink drain or wash basin drain clogged with water.

Many times small things like veggie particles, jewelry, hair strands or food waste clog the sink or bathtub drain. The drain screen acts as a barrier to block the small items from falling down the drain and clogging it. These are not too highly priced, can be easily used, and also save you from the plumbing disasters.

Try Baking Soda Treatment to Prevent Plumbing Problems

The drain cleaners are usually toxic and relatively expensive. So, the baking soda can be a safe option to treat the clogged drains. It has several uses and you can check out one of the articles on the uses of baking soda in cleaning on our website too. In order to prevent plumbing problems with baking soda, mix a 1/4th cup of baking soda with warm water.

Spray the solution into the sink and bathtub drains in good quantity. Then, pour a cup of white vinegar into the drains and leave it for 2 hours or more. It dissolves the filth crust and the bacteria build up. Finally, flush the drains with hot water, which will help in unclogging the drains. Follow this process every month to prevent plumbing problems.

Check out the Leaking Drains to Prevent Plumbing Problems 

Cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen sink.

A rubber flapper is used for releasing water by closing and opening during the flush. With the passing time, the rubber flapper can bend or distort in shape causing leakage in the toilet. It is nearly unnoticeable in the beginning but if you leave the rubber flapper untreated, plumbing issues can crop up. Are you unsure if your toilet is leaking?

To know easily, if your toilet is really leaking, you may use a little food coloring and plumbing knowledge. Leave overnight a few drops of dark colored food color into the tank. Next morning, if you find any color in the bowl, it’s time to replace the toilet flapper.

Prevent Plumbing Problems by Inspecting the Water Heater

If a water heater burst, breaks down or leaks, you can have a really bad time. Although it has quite a good life expectancy, water-logged disaster cannot be avoided if the water heater breaks down. You must ensure to check the damaging, aging or rusting signs of the water heater at the regular intervals to prevent plumbing problems. The tank fitting must be closely checked in order to avoid any kind of plumbing problems.

Such simple, yet effective tips can prevent plumbing problems easily. Whether you need to repair a simple dripping problem or leakage, the above tips can help you in avoiding plumbing difficulties.


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