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5 Awesome Tips For Cleaning Your Home

A house that is cluttered and dirty causes its occupants to be depressed. Living in a clean environment makes all the difference in the world in how you feel. Life is much easier at home when you know where things are and the house smells and looks good. House cleaning you do not dread is done by remaining organized.

When it comes to cleaning the home, many people can become overwhelmed and frustrated with just the thought of it. This causes them to dread the task and to put it off longer, making the job even harder than it was to start with. Follow these tips for cleaning your home in a more organized way which makes it quicker and easier.

1. Do consistent cleaning

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Consistent cleaning helps you keep your home in top shape.

Consistent spot clean ups may seem a lot of effort, but they actually help a lot to keep down the mess. Wash the shower walls while you are still in the shower. Rinse the bathroom sink and faucet with disinfectant wipes after. Keep an eye on the toilet and use those wipes on obvious signs of un-cleanliness. These are just quick and simple things the whole family can do to help in keeping the house clean and germ free.

Take immediate action for some of the chores in the home. When you wake up in the morning, make the bed right then. This makes a huge difference when you are tired at night and ready to get under the blankets onto a smooth and clean sheet. Making up the bed at night when you are tired and sleepy will make for another chore you dread.

2. Clear off all surfaces

Spic And Span Cleaning Services Berlin
Organized surfaces help you focus on what really matters.

Scan the room and scoop up any objects you see on any chairs or sofas. Scan the room again and scoop up the stuff on the floor. Then clear off anything you see on your counters or tables. Put everything in a basket or grocery bag and schedule a time to find a place for it all, later, after your guests leave. Actually put it on the calendar.

If you have a lot of books and magazines with no place to go, arrange them all in a tall stack against the wall. Cool design-y effect that looks deliberate!

Strategically drape throws over any stains on your sofas or chairs. If your dishwasher and your sink are both full, keep the dishes in your sink in a large stockpot until after your guests leave.

3. Dash dishes and do the laundry

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Don't put off the chores. Just dash through them.

Dirty laundry and dirty dishes are the two biggest things in the home that can cause everything to look messy. The whole house seems a state when the dishes and laundry get piled up. In the kitchen, you need to make sure all dishes are washed up immediately after meals. Leaving them, only makes the job seem worse.

While cooking meals, wash up the dishes you use as you go. Always empty the dishwasher as soon as it is finished a cycle so it will be ready for the next load. If you have to empty it and then reload, you will dread it every time.

Do the laundry with a washing machine or by hand. The more people who live in the house the more washing there will be. Staying on top of dirty clothes is one way to keep down the cluttered and dishevelled mess that makes you frustrated. One tip is to place a laundry hamper in each bedroom of the home. You choose a day and then visit each of the hampers and take them to wash.

4. Use a Natural House-cleaning Product

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Take care of yourself and the environment by using natural detergents.

Eliminating the chemical hazards of cleaning a home is a matter of using natural cleaning products. Effective house cleaning represents using cleaning products that promote good health. Start with a natural cleaning agent free of chemically processed salt. Unlike, the toxins found in standard salt, Himalayan salt is an old-fashioned solution that many grandmothers once used to clean their homes. One hundred percent pure, Himalayan salt contains antibacterial properties.

Use the vacuum rather than sweeping because it is more effective. This will help you to actually remove the dirt and dust rather than just mixing it all around the floor.

The next piece of advice is to go ahead and use the mop and also a sponge because just using a vacuum won't get the things that are difficult to get. Always use something moist to get those things that are tough to get. You will want to get a good cleaner to really get the pieces that are tough to get and that you might not be able to get with soapy water. The proper products can really have a big effect on your ability to clean.

Use only really soft cloth when you are cleaning up the windows and glass. You will see a really great difference in the look when you remember to do all of the nitty gritty work so remember to get all of the corners.

5. Walk through your house and complete any remaining room-specific cleaning necessary

Spic And Span Cleaning Services Berlin
Don't forget the details.

Though this was a pretty big list, it was by no means exhaustive. Other tasks include:

  • Emptying trash bins and taking out the trash
  • Cleaning the kitchen table
  • Changing bedsheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers
  • Cleaning walls
  • Clean the refrigerator

A good idea is to choose a day of the week to do all the harder chores. These chores include the disinfecting and scrubbing of the toilets, the scrubbing of the floors, cleaning the kitchen walls and most likely emptying out the refrigerator of the week's scraps.

Now that you have this type of advice you should be ready to do a great cleaning job and you can really appreciate having such a nice environment. Then you can sit back and take in the cleanliness of your home and have a better outlook on the rest of the day.

Grete Kuusk

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