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4 Ways to Use Aluminum Foil for Cleaning Things at Home

A staple in almost every household, the aluminum foil is a handy option for wrapping the leftovers. Nearly every home has an aluminum roll in their cabinets and drawers. It can be used as light and heat reflector and also as a barrier. But, are you aware that you can have a roll of aluminum foil for cleaning closet as well? Surprising as it may be, aluminum foil has a few uses in home cleaning. Here are 4 ways to use aluminum foil for cleaning.

Aluminum Foil for Cleaning Rust

Crumple the aluminum foil for rubbing and cleaning.

To remove rust and bring the shine back, aluminum foil can be of great help. Apart from aluminum foil, when cleaning rust, you will need a bucket of water, dishwashing liquid, and microfiber cloths. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water and swish it around. Then, dampen a microfiber cloth and clean the rusted chrome area.

You can now see the rusty patches better. Fill the bucket with fresh water, wet a strip of aluminum foil and use it to rub the rusted areas gently. Wipe away the bits of rust occasionally with a microfiber cloth and repeat the process if required. Finally, buff the area with the microfiber cloth and polish it using a coat of wax.

Aluminum Foil for Cleaning Silverware

The silverware is easily tarnished after a certain time. The tarnish can be removed from the silverware by using aluminum foil for cleaning. Line a baking dish with aluminum foil and ensure the shiny side on the top. Mix the sea salt with baking soda and sprinkle it in the dish. Also, add vinegar to the dish. It reacts with baking soda and starts to fizz.

Now, in the baking dish, add some boiling water. Placing the silverware on the baking dish, ensure that it is touching the aluminum foil. Leave it for 30 seconds to 3 minutes according to the stain. Remove the silverware using tongs, dry, and buff it with the microfiber cloth.

Aluminum Foil for Cleaning a Grill

Aluminum foil helps in cleaning the grill.

The aluminum foil can magically clean the BBQ grill. For cleaning, you will need a spray bottle, 2 cups of distilled white vinegar, a water hose, and the aluminum foil. Heat the grill to the maximum to burn the caked on residue. Once done, just wait until it cools. Once the grill cools down, use vinegar to spray the entire area until it starts to drip.

Now, crumple an aluminum foil into a ball shape and start scrubbing the grate. Take the grill to a place like a driveway where you can use the water hose for cleaning the traces of vinegar.

Aluminum Foil for Cleaning and Sharpening Dull Scissors      

Is it sounding somewhat impossible to clean and sharpen the dull scissors with aluminum foil? You just need a pair of scissors and 12 inches long sheet of aluminum foil for cleaning and sharpening the dull scissors. Firstly, lengthwise fold the foil many times so that the foil strip has a few layers of thickness and at least an inch wide.

Keep working lengthwise and start cutting the foil with the dull scissor ensuring full cuts. This will allow the scissor blades to be sharpened evenly and fully. Once done, you may check the sharpness by cutting a piece of paper. If you are not satisfied with the sharpness, repeat the process with a new sheet of aluminum foil. When you are happy with the sharpness of the scissor blades, use a paper towel to wipe down the scissors.


The use of aluminum foil for cleaning is a common hack but many people are unaware of its uses. There are several other hacks like uses of iron, uses of lemon, and much more. You may check the iron hacks article on our website to make use of the interesting and easy iron hacks. Try the above aluminum hacks and make your difficult cleaning task easy.


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