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20-Minute Rapid Kitchen Cleaning Routine

The downside to cooking at home has to be clean your kitchen and the accumulating dirty dishes and utensils. Achieving a clean kitchen takes sacrifice and dedication. You do not have to undertake huge cleaning activities, but you can take small steps to achieve the cleanliness levels you need in your kitchen. Forget about making plans to clean your kitchen on the weekends and use our 20-minute kitchen cleaning routine to bring spic and span to your kitchen.

Here is our take on cleaning your kitchen for 20 minutes a day and avoid long hours of toil when you have a day off from your daily schedule.

Work Around Your Schedule

You do not have to change your schedule to find the 20 minutes, but you can be smart about it. Wake up 20 minutes early and clean up last night’s dishes while you make breakfast. However, if you do not have the 20 minutes at once, clean for 10 minutes in the morning, and 10 minutes in the evening before bed. With time, you will master your 20-minute rapid kitchen cleaning routine in no time.

Clean Up While Cooking

There is nothing better than a home-cooked meal, and while the food simmers, you can put the time to good use by cleaning up. You can do the dishes from the last meal, mop the floor, take out the trash, and wipe the countertops and cabinet surfaces, as well as the exterior of your appliances such as the fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, and others. These small and meager tasks may seem small, but they will go a long way to ensuring that your kitchen stays clean and you can do them on a daily basis to ensure they are easy to undertake.

Put Everything in Its Place

Every minute spent in the kitchen means that there are utensils and other items that are being removed from their usual place for use. It is annoying if other people in your household leave items lying everywhere, thus cluttering the kitchen. Depending on the items you have to put away, 20 minutes will be enough to clean and arrange them in their rightful place. This will free up your working space, and you will be able to spot areas that need cleaning.

Countertops and Stove Tops

It is dangerous to wipe stovetop spills while cooking, do so as soon as the stovetop cools down. Countertops are easy to clean, and you can do so as soon as you spillage occurs. However, you can disinfect your countertops with vinegar, alcohol, or bleach to remove germs, odors, and stains.

Create a Weekly or Monthly Cleaning Routine

The ultimate way to have an attainable 20-minute kitchen cleaning routine is to create a schedule you will use on a daily basis for a week or month. You can include the following cleaning activities and others that you will deem necessary

  • Wipe down the exteriors of your all your appliances such as ovens, fridges, microwaves, et al.
  • Clean your trash cans and bins inside and out
  • Tidy up your linen, towel, apron, cookbooks, and cutlery drawers
  • Wipe down all your baking containers
  • Clean out your refrigerator remove the shelves and thoroughly clean the interior. Do the same for your oven and microwave
  • Wipe the countertops, cabinet fronts, range hood, as well as the area below the heating elements
  • Moping and vacuuming the floor

You can repeat this week after week, or you can create a comprehensive list according to the size of your kitchen.

Set the Timer

Once you start cleaning in the kitchen, you can get preoccupied with the activities and lose track of time. You can set the time on your phone and stop once the alarm goes off. Sticking to the 20-minute kitchen cleaning routine will ensure that you get used to the activity, and it will become second nature.

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