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15-Minute Rapid Master Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Whether working or a homemaker, irrespective of any gender, cleaning room can be quite tedious. For a good night’s sleep, a clean master bedroom is essential. Without one, you might end up waking in the middle of the night due to a foul smell or end up hurting by a chair on the way to the washroom. Isn’t it? Everyday 15-minute master bedroom cleaning routine can ensure a peaceful sleep, calm mind, and revitalized energy for the next hectic day. You must be thinking is it really possible to clean your master bedroom in 15 minutes? Yes, of course, you can. You may take help from your kids, spouse, or do it alone. Taking help can make your work lot easier with lesser time consumption. If you are doing it alone, still 15 minutes is enough to ensure your peaceful sleep. What is the process involved in 15-minute master bedroom cleaning routine? Let’s check out.

Avoid Tiredness While 15-Minute Master Bedroom Cleaning Routine - Put on Loud Music

music gives energy
Music is a great energizer.

When you do something which you don’t like, it becomes boring as well as tiring. So what, if it is just 15-minute master bedroom cleaning. To avoid your boredom and tiredness put on some loud music. Music has the power to distract you from looking at your watch, adding energy to make your work and time move faster.

Open the Blinds or the Windows to let the Light and Air In

A room can get stuffy if you keep the windows closed all the time. Opening the blinds and the windows let the air take away the impurities and any strong odor. The natural light from the windows kills the germs and bacteria in the room and make it clear and visible for you to see the room better.

Put All the Mess Down to the Floor

Without thinking much just bring down the entire mess on the floor. Whether books or papers lying on the table or a heap of clothes on the bed or couch, the ball or toys lying here and there or the towel on the chair, just pull all the mess and gather at one place.

The major part of 15-Minute Bedroom Cleaning Routine - Make Your Bed

clean bed
A clean bed ensures a good night's sleep.

Making your bed might take up your 5-minute and the only time taking the task in this 15-minute bedroom cleaning routine. This gives an amazing transformation to your bedroom. Take out a fresh sheet and tuck the bed neatly and do not forget to change the pillow covers. You may check our earlier easy bedroom cleaning guide article to know how to keep the mattress clean.

Divide the Floor Mess into Separate Piles of Clothes, Trash, Toys or Others

Separate the clean clothes from the laundry ones and put the clean clothes in your closet and the dirty ones in the laundry bag. Next, separate the books and toys. Size-up the books neatly on the table and the toys in the basket or in its exact place in shelves or drawers. Finally, check for the dirty plates or rotten food and other trash which you wish to completely move out from the bedroom. Keep the plates in a separate basket for cleaning and the rest of the garbage in the trash bin.

Vacuuming, Cleaning, Mopping – Part of 15-Minute Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Mopping the floor with the firm handling of a tool.

When your floor mess is clear, you can go ahead with vacuuming your master bedroom. Although cleaning the floor depends on the type of flooring, it is essential to ensure using environment-friendly cleaning solutions while quick clean up. Vinegar is an effective product for cleaning your house. Not only bedroom, it is a great cleaning product for the kitchen as well as the bathroom. You may check in our earlier article, the 5 creative uses of vinegar for house cleaning.

Wipe the Dresser and Table Quickly to Get Rid of the Accumulated Dust on the Glass

The glass top table or the shelves and the mirror on the dresser, all must be wiped regularly to avoid dust accumulation. For asthma and allergy, cleaning and dusting become more important. We would never wish to breathe in the dust while sleeping at night. Isn’t it? Tidying up your shelf, countertops, and dresser by positioning objects at its place, wiping the dust, and putting the stray objects away can complete your 15-minute bedroom cleaning routine.


While reading you might feel the 15-minute bedroom cleaning routine involves a lot of work, but trust me, it only takes 15 minutes of your time to tidy up your master bedroom. Entering a neat and clean bedroom after a hard day at work can take all your stress away, preparing you to face the challenges of the next day at ease.


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