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15-Minute Rapid Guest Bedroom Cleaning Routine You Can Use Any Time

A busy schedule in the office with constant meeting and boss shouting is like a nightmare. It can make you forget all. Isn’t it? Ah! Today is Sunday, a day to relax finally and here rings the phone. “We reached the airport, will be there in 30 minutes.” A sense of realization seeps in that you completely forgot, today your guests are arriving. Neither the guest bedroom is ready, nor is it clean to let your guests in. You suddenly remember that the entire week’s dirty clothes are dumped in the guest bedroom. Your kids spilled soup on the table last night, which you didn’t feel like cleaning yesterday. It lies the same way there. While thinking, 10-minute passed and now you just have 20-minutes left. Worried? Thinking what to do? Relax and save yourself from the disaster with the following 15-minute guest bedroom cleaning routine.

Prioritize for a Quick 15-Minute Guest Bedroom Cleaning Routine

unclean room
Unclean guest bedroom with things lying here and there.

Take a few seconds to just run your eyes throughout your room to prioritize the cleaning procedure. Which is the major offender in the room? Is it the smelly shoes? The spilled soup on the table? No walking space with too many things lying around? Half-empty soured milk glasses your kids left hidden under the bed? Stinky underwear? Try to run your eyes through every corner of your guest bedroom. Check the first thing that might catch the gaze of your guests.

Grab the Cleaning Provisions Available at Home

Firstly, take hold of all the necessary tools like a trash container to throw the filth, a big basket to put the cluttered items lying around, broom or the vacuum cleaner, and a hamper. Arrange all in front of the guest bedroom to avoid any time waste.

Proceed with the 15-Minute Guest Bedroom Cleaning Routine by Filling the Hamper

Start filling the hamper with the soiled clothes lying around the room. Keep at the back of the mind that you hardly have any time left. Stop worrying about unrolling the socks or pulling the tees side out. You will get enough time to sort the laundry. Now, your work should be to just focus on the 15-minute guest bedroom cleaning routine before the arrival of your guests.

Collect the Unsoiled Clean Clothes To Keep it Semi-Neatly

The clean clothes that you see lying around and need re-hang or refold can be kept semi-neatly on the bed. Ignore the step of folding and hanging for the time being. Remember to remove all before doing up your bed.

Start Using the Trashcan for 15-Minute Guest Bedroom Cleaning Routine

Whether old newspaper and magazine copies or an old pair of shoes that you wanted to use after stitching, this is not the time to decide what you wish to do with them. Sorting the trash can be later when you have enough time. Your guests can arrive anytime soon. So, just put anything old and not required in the trashcan to complete your 15-minute guest bedroom cleaning routine at the earliest.

Sweep, Mop or Vacuum

vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaning to get rid of the dirt.

Do not try to move the furniture or get into deep cleaning spree. Just sweep or vacuum and then mop the areas that can be seen. You can use the readily available home-based product like environment-friendly white vinegar to complete the cleaning procedure. Searching for any other cleaning solutions can waste your time and it’s also harmful. You may check the uses of vinegar in home cleaning process in our previous article 5 Creative Vinegar House Cleaning and Sanitization Methods. Open the windows to let the fresh air fill the room and vent away the strong smell of the vinegar.

Put Back the Misplaced Items in the Basket

kids playing in gyestroom
Kids making guest bedroom untidy.

The kids are the real mess-makers. Instead of messing around in their own room, they prefer the guest room.  It is mostly the unused room so they are spared from getting scolded by their parent. Keep your calm and collect all the small misplaced items like storybooks, pens, papers, colors, etc. lying on the table and put it in the basket. Let the table remain empty or if you get time at the end, place a flower vase. But, that’s an afterthought. For the time being just get rid of anything lying here and there.

Make the Bed to Get the 15-Minute Guest Bedroom Cleaning Routine Right

At the end, making the bed makes your room look uncluttered and more inviting. Often the unclean and torn pillows are kept for the guestroom. Please spare your guest from having a bad taste about you. Do up the bed with a fresh and clean bedsheet and pillow covers. A fresh piece of the unused blanket on the verge of the bed makes it perfectly ready for the guests.


Now, look around your room to give a final check. It must be looking great. Isn’t it? Now, remove all the basket, trashcans, hamper, and other cleaning supplies lying near the door to keep it in some hidden area where your guests won’t reach.  Your 15-minute guest bedroom cleaning routine is done and you are all set to welcome them.


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