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How important is a functional laundry room? In any household, a major chore is laundry and to keep it in order, it becomes vital to make it functional. In a busy household where husband and wife are working and their kids are students, a disorganized laundry room may call for trouble. For instance, while searching for the stain remover, you knocked off the washing detergent. A better functional laundry room could have saved you from cleaning the mess during the rush hours. But, while you end up cleaning the detergent on the floor, your free time ends and you rush for office or school. To save you from such situations, here are 3 laundry room ideas for better functionality. It will make your days of laundry, less challenging and more productive.

Capitalize on Laundry Room Space to Make it Functional

A washing machine tub full of clothes.

Although one of the smallest rooms, you can find a lot of action in your laundry room. Are you looking for laundry room ideas for better functionality? In order to set up a functional laundry room, you must make use of every available surface in the laundry room. Let the detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and stain sticks occupy the least space. Wondering how? Use the back of the laundry room door to hang a rack and place the washing ingredients on it. You may also place a rolling cart in between the dryer-washer space and keep the laundry items of necessity on it (provided you have space between the dryer and the washer). Above the dryer and the washer, you may fit a shelf that can hold the detergents, laundry baskets, and other necessities of ironing. The clothes that need to be taken to the cleaners or air-dried can be placed on the tension rod beneath the shelf. One of the best laundry room ideas for better functionality is to place a tub under the laundry room sink and fill it with fabric softener, detergent, and stain solutions. A great idea to save space is investing in a drying rack that can be wall mounted. When it is not in use for drying clothes, you may fold it flat. A built-in ironing board can be mounted at the back of the door or on the wall when you are done with ironing the wrinkles from the clothes. The wine stains can be quite rigid. So, you may create a stain station where the stain remover, brushes, and other tools can be kept.

Set-up Multiple Hampers to Make Your Laundry Room Functional

Laundry basket with a red plaid shirt in it.

Laundry room ideas for better functionality are what every individual searches to keep it organized and well-managed. Sorting the clothes when you have a busy schedule to follow can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task. You can opt for many clothes hamper and assign each of them for dark shade clothing, white attires, linens, and denim respectively. In case, each of your family members is responsible for washing their own clothes, you may assign one hamper for each member of your family. When the clothes are sorted in advance, it saves you loads of time on the laundry day.

Add a Few Bins and Jars to Make Laundry Room Functional

A clear and clean iron table with stack of clothes n

Place a jar on the laundry room shelf to store the loose coins that you find in the trouser pockets. Once the jar is full, you may use it to make some fun purchase for your family. In addition to the jar, also place a small basket on the shelf to keep the items that are often found in the pockets of clothing like hair clips, pocket knives, just one pair of socks, etc. Make this a habit.  It helps your family members know it from before where they can find the tiny items they left behind in their pants pocket. For the gum wrappers and balls of twine in the pockets, place a small garbage bin at the corner to instantly throw lint.


The laundry cannot be avoided in any way. The above laundry room ideas for better functionality can make your task easier and productive. You may also check an article to learn good housekeeping habits on our blog and make your task easier.

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