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Learn 8 Surprising Household Uses of Beer to Apply

With the festive season knocking at the door, undoubtedly, many of you will stock up your fridge with several bottles and cans of beer. It is quite obvious because beer is a commonly accepted drink for adults all across the globe. Do you agree? But, at times, you end up overbuying and the beer bottles occupy a good amount of space in your fridge. What do you wish to do with them? Drink it yourself and add to your belly fats or throw them and waste your hard earned money? Well, you will forget all such thoughts if you come to know the various household uses of beer. Here’s a list of 8 household uses of beer which will definitely surprise you.

Uses of Beer 1 – Loosen the Rusty Bolts

Get rid of rust from the bolt using beer.

Often the rusted latches or bolts get stuck and becomes difficult to unlock it. The acidic content in the beer can help in dissolving the rust and loosen the rusted bolts.

Uses of Beer 2 – Helps in Insulation

There are a number of uses of beer, out of which insulation is the most uncommon one. People hardly know that when the beer cans can be used in building construction. They help in insulating the walls. This unusual use of empty beer cans is a great way to deal with the recycling problem. If you're interested, you can check out this (very old school) website describing one of such projects in Lesotho.

Uses of Beer 3 – Wooden Furniture Restoration

The beer can make your wooden furniture shine like a new one. Do you know how? Just take some amount of plain beer in a bowl and use a soft microfiber cloth to gently rub on the wooden furniture. The beer works effectively to retain the polish, color and the shine of your wooden furniture.

Uses of Beer 4 – Stain Removal with Beer

Beer hacks to try at home.

This is one of the most important and effective uses of beer. Stains are common in every household. If your clothes or carpet is soiled with coffee or tea stains, you may use the beer solution to soak the affected area in it. Leave it for some time and finally, pat with a clean cloth. You must use a little amount of soap to wash the area and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Uses of Beer 5 – Protect Your Lawn

The lawns or gardens are the best part of your home where you can breathe an amount of fresh air and be in the lap of nature. For protecting your lawn, you may use the beer that has acidic content to help in destroying the pests and fungi. The grass feeds on the fermented and the lawn is protected.

Uses of Beer 6 – Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Does your gold jewelry look old and lacks the luster and shine? Amongst the many uses of beer, you can definitely find one hack to keep it clean and shiny as new. Take a little amount of beer to soak your gold jewelry in it. Leave it on for some time and finally rinse it with plain water and pat dry with a soft cloth. The acid helps in cleaning the metals effectively.

Uses of Beer 7 – Give Life to Your Brass Pots

The brass pots in your kitchen can get a new life by rinsing it with beer because the beer has the acidic content that reacts with the metals to make it clean and shiny.

Uses of Beer 8 – Keep the Wasps and Bees Away

Keep away the bees using beer.

Are you planning a gathering or barbecue cookout in your backyard? Keep the wasps and the bees at bay by placing a few small cups of beer, a bit away from where your gathering will take place. This will keep you away from getting stung as the cups of beer will attract the bees instead of you.

The above uses of beer are just a few ways to keep your home items and surroundings clean but, the beer can also be effectively used to relax your feet, rejuvenate your dull skin, used as food marinate, rejuvenate your hair, and much more. Like beer, the acid in lemon can also be a great household cleaner. You may check out one of the articles on creative ways to use lemon in home cleaning on our website.


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