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If there’s even a tinge of grout in your home, it can make your home appear as if not tended for ages. The dingy-looking grout paves its way to your pristine home and leaves stains all around. If you are on a cleaning spree and ready to take on the grout, the knowledge of proper tools is mandatory. With the time, the porous grout can become dry and crumble into powder. It is important to pay attention to it and take immediate action. Although the grout cleaning tools can effectively remove it, you must conduct a spot test before using the products and tools. Let’s learn the best tools for grout cleaning and how to clean it.

Drywall patching job in the house.

Grout Cleaning Tools for Effective Results

It is not always essential to rush to nearby stores to purchase grout cleaning products. You can find several natural and inexpensive ingredients at home that can work better than the harsh commercial products. Some of the tools required for cleaning grout are:
  • An old toothbrush, preferably an old electric toothbrush model can help and speed up the process of grout cleaning.
  • You need a chisel tool that can be managed by inexpensive plastic hand tools.
  • The best way to brighten grout is by using a steamer. It is a gentle tool that can be used by steaming the grout and wiping the residue with a clean microfiber cloth.

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Grout Cleaning Products for Effective Results

The grout cleaning pens and heavy-duty cleaners are readily available in the market to make a solution and clean grout. But instead of spending big on harsh products, you may try the handy products at home like vinegar, baking soda, etc. for grout cleaning. Such ingredients are not only natural and mild but also come up with great cleaning results. You may prepare the DIY grout cleaning solutions at home in the following ways – Mix 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid along with ½ cup baking soda and give a boost to the filthy grout. If the paste dries out, you may add more liquid dishwashing soap. Baking soda has numerous uses and you may check one of the articles on creative uses of baking soda on our blog. Here go another DIY baking soda and water paste solution to clean grout. Mix one part of water and two parts of baking soda to make a paste and apply to the grout.

A bottle of white vinegar.

One part of water and one part of vinegar in equal quantities can also be mixed together in a spray bottle and applied to the grout. But, vinegar can spoil stony surfaces. So, if you have stone floors, tiles, and walls, avoid this DIY solution. You may check an article on things you should never clean with vinegar on our blog.

The procedure of Grout Cleaning

Before starting the grout cleaning procedure, you must ensure to conduct a small spot test on a part of the grout area. If the spot test is successful, go ahead with the rest according to the following steps. You can try the steps along with any of the DIY solutions mentioned above –
  • Firstly, use the DIY natural cleaning solution on the grout
  • If you are using baking soda solution, you need to leave it for around 15 minutes and if you are using vinegar, let it set in for 30 minutes
  • Once the time is over, you can start scrubbing the grout line gently with a chisel tool, toothbrush or grout cleaning brush
  • Once you think that you have done enough, use water to rinse the residue away
  • If the grout is still dirty, you must know that it needs a stronger cleaning solution. Ensure that you mix the right product while dealing with the commercial cleaners and harsh products


When you think grout cleaning is necessary, try the natural cleaners first. They are effective solutions without harming your floors or walls or your hands. Try to use gloves while cleaning grouts. And finally, if the grout still needs expert’s assistance, you may connect with companies like SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. The independent professionals you can book using our platform us are pre-screened, experienced, trustworthy, and of top quality.

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