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In recent times, open kitchen shelving has set an ongoing trend. Whether you are browsing through Pinterest or scrolling through the Google pages to check the current home décor trend, the tidy open shelving design is the highlight everywhere. Open shelving has both advantages as well as disadvantages. It makes your space appear bigger. From adding a visual appeal to your space to providing you with better options for storage in the living room as well as kitchen, definitely open shelving is great but keeping it organized and tidy is a tedious and challenging task. Let’s learn the dos and don’ts of tidy open shelving to keep your home neat and clean.

Empty open shelves showing wooden background.

Do Install Range Hood for Tidy Open Shelving

Do you have open shelves kitchen? If you do, do not forget to install a range hood, also called exhaust hood. Apart from keeping your kitchen smoke-free, the range hood also pulls away oil or grease particles and other tiny residues that scatter while preparing your meal. When you have open shelving kitchen, the food particle splutters find its way to the items on the shelves which makes them sticky and dirty. A range hood in the kitchen helps you maintain tidy open shelving and prevents the oil and grease from accumulating.

Don’t Fail to Dust Every Day for Tidy Open Shelving

Open shelves at the background while the boy is sitting happily.

If you want tidy open shelving at home, you need to work on your dusting schedule. Looking for a simple, classy, and uncluttered look? Never neglect your duties when it comes to dusting. If you don’t dust regularly, it will show up your disorganized side with fuzzy bloomed vases, plates, books, and platters lying here are there covered in dust. It is important to clean the items kept on your open shelves twice a week. Remove all the items from the shelves and give a thorough cleaning once a month. On a regular basis (e.g. daily, or every other day) clean away the thin dust layer formed to avoid build-up of thick dust layer.

Do Shelve Cleverly for Tidy Open Shelving

Do you want to keep searching for the set of 4 coffee mugs in the kitchen while your friends keep waiting for you to turn up? Obviously, it is difficult to keep searching for items in the cabinets that are frequently used. The bowls, mugs, plates, etc. are some of the most common items that you always want handy. You may place it in the lower tiers of your open shelve. Consider pulling the items from the bottom of the stack in order to ensure regular rotation of the utensils and keeping them dust-free.

Don’t Forget Where You Live To Ensure Tidy Open Shelving

Open book library shelves.

Do you live in an earthquake-prone zone or where sonic booms or train passes regularly and frequently, reverberating the heavy sound? If you live in such an area, think again and again while shelving crystal, glassware, or any fragile knickknacks and family valuables. Any heavy sound when passes by your place of stay, the vibrations can knock down the delicate items from the shelves. You will definitely not want your kitchen or living room to be shattered with glass. So, consider where you live and then select your shelving items.

Do Keep the Aesthetic Appeal in Mind to Ensure Tidy Open Shelving

You must keep a note of the items you use on display in the open shelves in the kitchen. There are several functional kitchen appliances but they might not be visually appealing. So, make sure to place the functional items within the closed door counters. For your tidy open shelving pick the color coordinated and attractive jars, containers, and flatware. The embellished platter and teak serving bowls also look stunning in the open shelves.


If you can maintain tidy open shelving, it can easily make your home look stylish and spacious. You may check an article on how to make your home look spacious and inviting on our blog. Do you already have open shelves at home or planning to install a few? In any way, this guide to organize and maintain tidy open shelves can help you remain clutter-free.

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