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Do you have hardwood flooring at home? People are often confused which is the best way to clean the hardwood flooring. Is it sweeping or vacuuming? Each one of you must be having your own preferred way to clean the hardwood floor but which one is more efficient and effective? Should you sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor for the best results? For cleaning the non-carpeted flooring, let’s learn the pros and cons of sweeping and vacuuming.

The soft bristles of the broom clean better.

Sweeping with Brooms – Should You Sweep or Vacuum the Hardwood Floor?

There is hardly any household where dustpan and broom are not available. What do you think, should you sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor? Sweeping is one of the most common things that people try to keep their house clean. When it comes to hardwood flooring, sweeping can be a great option as the floor has no risk of getting scratched with the soft bristles of the broom. The brooms are a part of life for many people but, do you think it’s an effective tool for hardwood floors? Let’s learn some of the advantages of sweeping hardwood floors in comparison to vacuuming.
  • Brooms don’t make any noise, unlike the vacuum cleaners so; they can be used at any point of the day and night.
  • No need of searching the right attachments for cleaning and start anytime you wish.
  • While sweeping with the broom, you don’t have to worry about belt or bag requirements.
  • Brooms need no maintenance and sweeping is easy. It is an economical option.
  • Don’t need a lot of space to store the broom.
  • It doesn’t need electricity.
  • Reach places, like gaps between the countertops and stoves, where not every vacuum cleaner model can reach.
  • It usually doesn’t leave scratches or scrape marks on hardwood floors.

Vacuum the hardwood floor with the right attachment.

Vacuuming – Should You Sweep or Vacuum the Hardwood Floor?

People usually believe that vacuuming can spoil the hardwood floors with its hard brush attachments. So, sweeping is the best option for the hardwood floors. They do not just think but also believe strongly that there’s no other way than sweeping. But with the evolving technology, vacuum cleaners have made the cleaning task easier. Today, there are special soft-bristled brush attachments available with the vacuum cleaners to clean the wooden floors. So, should you sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor? Let’s check out some of the benefits of vacuuming.
  • When you opt for vacuuming, it is less labor intensive. Although the model of the vacuum cleaner you own is the deciding factor.
  • Vacuuming is much faster than sweeping.
  • Emptying the dustpan continuously by bending down is not required in case of vacuuming.
  • Vacuum cleaners have separate attachments for every situation at home. Whether cleaning various types of floors or couches and sofas or small nooks and corners, vacuum cleaners come with several attachments to serve all your needs.
  • If the dust is spread in the air, the allergy sufferers might face an acute problem. Vacuuming has fewer chances of kicking the dust up in the air.
  • Vacuuming is more effective in cleaning dirt and grime. The latest models come with HEPA filtering technology and even the vintage models can clean more effectively.
  • The blinds and drapes can also be cleaned with the vacuum cleaners.
  • Increase hardwood lifespan by deep cleaning with vacuum cleaners.
  • Where the brooms can’t reach, the vacuum cleaners can. Every corner and cracks where the stubborn dirt and grime can get stuck, the vacuum cleaners can easily extract it with precision.

The heavy vacuum cleaner can be difficult to carry.


So, it completely depends on you – should you sweep or vacuum the hardwood floor. Both tools are good in their own ways for particular situations. For instance, for regular cleaning of hardwood floors, vacuuming is a good option but cleaning home after renovation might require the broom for effective cleaning which one of our cleaners can do if you order our move-in/move-out cleaning package. You may also check one of the articles on how to clean the wooden floors on our blog. Now, you need to decide if you wish to go with sweeping or vacuuming for hardwood floor cleaning. Acknowledgments:

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