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The rotting wood situation is a serious one especially when it comes to the flooring and doors. Does anyone like to come across such a situation? When the wood is exposed to the water or is affected by insects, it is likely to rot. You must be thinking how expensive it would be to replace the entire thing? Isn’t it? Luckily, there are ways to repair rotting wood before it’s too late. The rotten parts can be removed, filled, primed, and painted. To ensure that it does not require any further repair, try not to expose the wood to the water. If you fail to fill the wood properly, then the problem can get worse. So, let’s learn how to save the rotting wood by filling it in the right ways.

Check How Deep the Rotting Wood Is

Take proper care of the wood before it rots completely.

The rotting wood is quite dangerous. If the wooden flooring has started rotting, it becomes unstable to walk on as it might collapse at any time. When you find bits of rotting wood from tables, countertops and other structures, it is considered dangerous. Not just that –  when the wooden doors start rotting, it also becomes a major security concern. So, take a ruler and insert to check the depth of the rotting wood. If it penetrates above an inch and also enters the other side of the wood then it is better to replace. But, otherwise, if the original wood pieces are still intact, you may consider filling.

Remove the Parts of Rotting Wood

Do you find holes in the wood? It means the wood is rotting and you must remove the entire rotten area from the wood. According to the rotten area’s size, you can use your finger, hammer or a screwdriver to scrape the rotten wood. Try to remove as much dead wood as you can to avert further rotting and find the sturdy wood.

Use Wood Hardener to Fill the Exposed Area

The wooden flooring gives an elegant look to your home.

When you fill the parts of rotting wood, you can find several kinds of fillings available in the market. Epoxy is one of the best that you may use to fill the scraped rotting wood parts. Working in a well-ventilated area is always advised as the wood hardeners might be flammable and toxic. Fill the exposed area with the wood hardener.

Screw for Patching Compound Support

Drive a few screws in the damaged area in an inch distance, drilling 1/4th-inch of the screw’s heads below the undamaged area. This can help in supporting the patching compound. Then, the patching compound must be mixed to a peanut butter consistency. When the mixture is ready, apply enough of the patching compound to fill the damaged area.

Fill the Damaged Rotting Wood Area

The wooden door in a poor condition.

Once the patching compound is overfilled on the damaged areas, smoothen it by removing the excess for sanding in the next step. It dries within 5 to 15 minutes time.

Sanding the Compound, Primer, and Paint

Once the compound on the rotting wood hole dries up, sand it and smoothen the area. Finally, use primer and paint the filled in part.


You don’t need to spend a big amount of money on replacing the rotting wood when you have an easier and cheaper option. Scraping the rotten area and filling it is the best thing to do when the wood is in a workable condition. You may also check one of the articles on how to maintain the wooden floors for more information on our blog. Take care of your wooden flooring and doors to avoid rotting wood.   Acknowledgments: “Featured photo”: by Pixabay for source click here. “Picture no.1”: by Pixabay for source click here. “Photo no.2”: by FWStudio for source click here. “Photo no.3”: by TaniaVdB for source click here.  

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