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Are you affected by environmental allergies? With the environmental and dust allergies, it can be very difficult for you to move out of your house. Even being at home can trigger your allergy when mold, pollen, dander, or dust mites make their abode in your home. Although cleaning can aggravate your allergy, letting the allergens pile up will not help you either. If you do not enjoy sneezing fits and itching eyes, keeping your home perfectly clean is the only solution to keep your allergy at bay. But, do you know how to control allergy symptoms while housecleaning? Let’s learn 6 ways to control allergy symptoms with home cleaning.

Keep the House Pets-Free to Control Allergy Symptoms

Pets fur triggers the allergy.

The pets like cats and dogs are loved by many people. They become your family members and you cannot think of your life without them. Indeed pets are a great company but not at the cost of your health. Pet’s dander is one thing that is the most harmful thing that aggravates the allergy problem. When dander particles are inhaled, it can increase your allergy attacks. So, to control allergy symptoms it is best to keep the house free of pets.

A Cleaning Schedule to Control Allergy Symptoms

The people who are not affected by allergies might think of taking a break from cleaning once or twice a week. But, if you suffer from allergies it is vital to make sure that your house is not the allergy trigger zone. Only maintaining a regular cleaning schedule can control allergy symptoms and keep you healthy. It is important to keep cleaning your home throughout the week so that the dust is not piled up and it doesn’t trigger your allergic reactions while cleaning.

Launder Bedding Once a Week to Control Allergy Symptoms

Change bed linens weekly to keep away from allergy.

Your bedding might seem to be perfectly clean and harmless. But, the fact is they’re covered by pet and human hair, pollen, dust, and grime which may not be visible with a naked eye. Your bed linens must be washed once each week with fragrance-free gentle detergent and if you have furry friends at home, twice a week washing is vital. The comforter and the duvet must be vacuumed twice a week and the mattress covers, once monthly. Clean bedding can control allergy symptoms at home.

Bathroom Moisture Must be Minimum to Control Allergy Symptoms

The mold bacteria keep moving freely in your house when your bathroom is damp. It is vital to control the dampness in your bathroom. After taking a shower, you must always remember to wipe down the bathroom floor and the walls with a microfiber cloth. Let the bathroom walls and floors air out by keeping the doors open for some time. Pull back the shower curtains so that there’s an air flow. The dust, grime, and hair get accumulated at the back of your bathroom door. You can get rid of accumulated dirt by cleaning it once a week. It can help to control allergy symptoms.

A Mask While Cleaning to Control Allergy Symptoms

Use a mask while cleaning your home.

It is always advised to wear a mask while you are dusting and cleaning at home. Once you complete all the cleaning stuff, move to some other space or leave your house for some time. It will help the allergens in the air to settle down and also restrict your contact to the allergens.

Do not Shampoo Your Carpets

Cleaning your carpets with shampoo can leave moisture in it, causing the growth of mold and dust mites. You may check some of the best practices to prevent toxic mold in one of the articles on our blog. There are several other ways like keeping the window closed and putting the air condition on, keeping the harsh cleaning products away, turning off the humidifier, and more to control allergy symptoms. Keep the above points in mind to reduce your allergy symptoms when cleaning at home. Acknowledgments: “Featured photo”: by Cenczi for source click here. “Picture no.1”: by Pikabum for source click here. “Photo no.2”: by Buenosia Carol for source click here. “Photo no.3”: by Janko Ferlic for source click here.    

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