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There are several benefits of using dishwashing gloves while doing the dishes or cleaning kitchen countertops. It helps in protecting your skin from the harsh cleaning solutions and hot water. On the other hand, the household helpers like kitchen gloves come along with a few undeniable negatives as well. With the use of the kitchen gloves, your hands often smell like rubber. Many of you are not even aware of how to clean smelly kitchen gloves and get rid of the latex stink. In this article, you will learn how you can deal with stinky rubber clothes and take care of it and also get rid of the nasty latex stink.

Wear gloves and use microfiber cloth while cleaning.

How to Clean Smelly Kitchen Gloves

People are often surprised to know that dishwashing rubber gloves also need to be taken care of and cleaned from time to time. But, you have to believe it and also act upon it. You would definitely like to ensure that the gloves are clean as it will be sticking to your skin for quite some time. If the inner surface of the gloves is damp and warm, you must be sure that it is the perfect place for the germs to breed and thus, must not be used. So, it is essential to learn how to clean smelly kitchen gloves and get rid of the latex stink. It is quite simple and can be cleaned with mild dishwashing liquid.
  • As soon as you finish the chores like cleaning the kitchen countertops, washing dishes or other household work, you must rub and clean the gloves both in and out using a toothbrush and rinse it in water thoroughly to remove the traces of dishwashing liquid.
  • Clean both the inner and the outer surface of the gloves with mild dishwashing soap.
  • Rinse the gloves with water to eradicate any remaining soap suds and air dry it so that it’s perfectly clean for the next use.
You must note that when the outer surface of the gloves become dry, turn the inner surface of the gloves out to let it dry.

Cleaning window glasses with liquid cleaner.

Note: – The cleaning instruction given above is for latex or rubber gloves. If you are using lined gloves or the ones made of fabric, go through the manufacturer’s instructions prior to cleaning.

How to Get Rid of the Latex Stink

The use of latex or rubber gloves is quite common. But, people often complain about the foul smell of the rubber in their hands after the use of rubber gloves. So, how to clean smelly kitchen gloves and get rid of the latex stink? It is a fact that the dishwashing gloves are quite useful and have been around for decades now. Yet, the awful rubbery odor becomes hard to remove after its use. There are a few handy solutions that you may try to get rid of the latex smell.

Get Rid of the Latex Smell with Lotion

Apply any aromatic lotion to your hands before wearing the gloves. Do the same after removing it as well. It can help in creating a barrier to your skin and masking the latex smell. Your skin will also remain hydrated if it dries out inside the gloves.

Get Rid of the Latex Smell with Baking Soda

Women cleaning kitchen countertop wearing yellow rubber gloves.

Baking soda – If you follow our blog regularly, you definitely know the creative uses of baking soda. One of the benefits and uses of baking soda is it that removes nasty odors. You may sprinkle little amount of baking soda inside the gloves prior to washing your bathroom or dishes. You may enhance the effects of baking soda by adding a few drops of essential oil to it inside the gloves. It keeps the nasty latex smell at bay.

Get Rid of the Latex Smell with Scented Soap

Scented soap- The latex stink can be avoided by turning the latex gloves inside out. Use a pleasing antiseptic soap for cleaning. You can do this process as many times you want. Make sure you dry it thoroughly turning them right-side out again.


There is several gloves option for cleaning such as latex-free, lavender or vanilla scented gloves, cotton or foam lined gloves. Now that you know how to clean smelly kitchen gloves and get rid of the latex stink, try to use the tips and remain germ-free.

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