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Whether at homes, gyms, or offices, water coolers offer safe and clean water for all. It may never strike your mind that even a water cooler can get dirty. But, whether you believe it or not, the water cooler needs proper cleaning and sanitizing occasionally. The germs and bacteria love moisture, so, it is difficult for the microbes to remain far from the water cooler. Here are a few ways to clean a water cooler from inside and outside. Also, learn the ways to sanitize the water cooler. But, before you start applying any kind of cleaner, consulting manufacturer’s instruction is a must. Every water cooler doesn’t have exactly the same anatomy; so, if you don’t want to damage your water coolers always ensure to check the instruction.

How to Clean a Water Cooler Dispenser

Water cooling dispenser for safe clean water.

Are you trying to figure out the best ways to clean a water cooler? Let your water jug get empty before you start the cleaning process. If you don’t want to slosh water all around or lift heavy water bottles, wait for the jug to become empty first. For cleaning, you will need a pitcher or gallon jug, 3 cups hot water, 1 cup distilled white vinegar, a bucket, mild and safe dishwashing liquid, and a microfiber cloth. You may or may not use the dishwashing gloves. Here are the steps for cleaning water cooler dispenser-
  • Unplug the water cooler from the socket
  • Drain reservoir through the blue faucet for cold water into the bucket
  • You may speed up the process by adding hot water if there’s ice in the reservoir
  • Remove the water guard or spill-free top from your cooler
  • Next, remove the stainless steel or white plastic baffle inside the reservoir
  • After removing the baffle, you can find two holes at the bottom of the reservoir leading to faucets
  • Don’t let the chlorine get into your hot tank by plugging in cork in the hot tank
  • Clean/Wash water cooler exterior & faucets with hot water and mild soap
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly with paper towels
To learn how to clean the water cooler in detail, follow the instruction below- Make a solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid and wash the baffle or water guard rubbing with your hand. Remove all the soap by rinsing the baffle and/or water guard and keep it aside on a microfiber cloth. Make a solution, mixing 3 cups of hot water and 1 cup of distilled vinegar and pour it into the reservoir. Wear your gloves if your skin is sensitive. Then, clean the reservoir with this solution and use a microfiber cloth to wipe it. Discard the solution into the bucket and once again use clean water to rinse the reservoir. Make sure to rinse the reservoir twice and thrice with fresh clean water. Once the water guard and/or baffle are clean, return it to its place, install a bottle, plug it back, and switch it on.

How to Clean a Water Cooler Outer Surface

You need to take care of the outer surface of the water cooler too. Just cleaning it from inside is not enough. There are various hands that touch the water cooler throughout the day. So, it becomes essential to clean a water cooler from outside too. Cleaning a water cooler outer surface is quite easy. You just need chemical free dishwashing liquid, microfiber cloths, and distilled white vinegar in a sprayer. Firstly, unplug the water cooler and remove the trays and taps to wash it separately in the sink. Use the solution of warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean the taps and trays. Rinse them with clean water and wipe using a microfiber cloth. Now, use vinegar sprayer to spritz the outer surface of the cooler, including the area where the tray sits. You must be careful if you have a stony surface because vinegar can damage the stone-floored kitchen. You may also check an article on things you should never clean with vinegar on our blog. Once you have cleaned the outside of the water cooler with vinegar, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe any vinegar residue or dirt left on the surface. Finally, return the trays and taps to their original place and plug back the water cooler.

How to Sanitize a Water Cooler

Sanitize the water dispenser at regular intervals.

The water cooler manufacturers tend to recommend sanitizing a water cooler every 3 to 6 months. Yet, you must always check the care instruction provided with the water cooler while buying it in order to learn how frequently you must clean a water cooler. If you don’t sanitize the water cooler properly, the drinking water may taste bad. It may also be harmful to your health if the water cooler is sanitized for too long. If you clean a water cooler with vinegar, sanitizing it with bleach is not at all recommended. When vinegar and bleach are used together, they can create toxic chlorine gas. So, never combine both the cleaners. Clean the water cooler using the above steps for healthy and tasty drinking water.  

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